Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Raise the Black Flag: WIP

Here is the prototype of the Black Flag of Bilbo Ali, descendant of the prophet Bilbo, praise Sentinel.

The actual banner will be textured a bit and of course wind blown  but I wanted to see how it would look before I put the figures under the spray can.

Soon the Suddan will run red with the blood of the hated Otterman overlords and Park and Giggers will have to be well mindful of their course and actions!

The Halflings of the Suddan and indeed most of the Shirelamic territories of the world believe that the words of the Prophet Bilbo, when written onto, well, pretty much anything, produce a charm of great power. Of course there is a limit to what will fit on a banner held by a 28mm scale (about 20mm tall) halfling and still be legible so their are fewer quotes than I should have liked to fit.

Only been able to put in a few minutes a day on this project so it is taking longer than I should have liked. More photos when its finished, along with the Green Pipeweed Flag of Osman Digit, leader of the Hadanogre tribe.

So which side of the banner ought to be forward facing? EDIT: Any thoughts on which quotes should face front?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The pic on the right, Not sure why but I think flags always look better flying that way?? Great idea for the flags though!!!!

  2. Point taken. Thanks.

    Any opinions on which quote should face front?

  3. The left-hand quote should lead - it is both confusing and the velvet glove that enrapts the iron fist (and revealed mission statement) on the right.

  4. Well reasoned Sir! Well reasoned indeed! : )

  5. Indeed. I have been swayed by the many adherents of the "confusion" theory and now have come down on that side of the banner!

    Got in a little painting time today and designed the white banner of Osman Name to be Completed at a later Date.