Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Haddenogres' First Action: Sharke's Halfling!

Wanted to get the new Mahdists stuck in straight away.

As it happens my Rifle company was already out on the table ready for another project.

So...The Rifle company has been sent forward to establish piquets to protect main force's camp.

I had the orcs advance with one platoon out front skirmishing with the second platoon forming a company reserve to feed fresh orcs into the skirmish line.

Naturally as number 4 section neared a wadi, a screaming horde (9 actually, not much of a "horde"), broke cover and charged!

Lt. Sharke was up to the challenge and had half the orcs fire on the approaching Halflings, dropping three of them, one stone cold dead, the others just stunned.

The rest of the furry footed foes thought better of their headlong rush and disappeared back into the brush!

There is more movement in the scrub to the front. Is an overwhelming charge in the offing?

First couple of turns of a game played with the draft version of Musket and Mohawks. Similar results could have resulted from the published "Long Rifle" rules although that game is not intended to handle formations and quite so many figures.

Thought I might as well finish the story below rather than start a new post for the conclusion so here goes:

We left off after the first Haddenogre rush had been beaten back. It was now clear that more Halflings were massing in the scrub directly in front of the company.

A bit of a lull ensued. One Rifleorc from 2nd section trod on a Black Mamba and later died of wounds received.

There must also have been at least on Otterman among the foe as 1st and 2nd section were taken under a desultory sniper fire although no losses were sustained from it.

Lt. Sharke ordred fourth section to consolidate its position in the recently won wadi, while third section moved into the scrub on high alert.

Third section flushed a group of ten Halflings in the scrub. The fight was on!

And here I made a costly blunder. I had Sharpe have all of third section fire in hopes of routing the Haddenogre. The fire was actually quite effective, with five of the Halflings dropping. Only two were seriously injured though.

Instead of running as any sensible orc would have, the remaining five Halflings charged!

As I had thoughtlessly kept no reserve of loaded weapons the Rifleorcs panicked and fled!

Sharke and Harpy managed to rally a few of the lads and stood up to the charge. 


But it was not enough. All but Sharke were cut down by the cruel foe.

Captain Pebblekettle ordered 2nd section to fire in support and a few more Halflings fell.

The survivors, the lust of battle strong in their tiny frames charged the reserve platoon.

Only to think better of it and turn back round and head for the hills.
Meanwhile, Sharke had to contend with the survivors of 3rd sections first fire and was cut down where he stood.

Fire from 2nd section soon sent the remaining Halflings packing.

And "What." I hear you say. "was 4th section about while their comrades were so badly mauled"?

After having fallen back, the Halflings facing 4th section rallied, well half of them did anyway and commenced to spend the next few turns milling about in cover.

After 3rd section met with disaster I tried to form 4th section in line to better repel any new assault. Sadly the commanding Sgt. was not able to bring the orcs under orders and they remained in skirmish order for a few turns longer than I would have liked. Actually they never did come under orders again and the issue was forced when the remaining Halflings charged back into the wadi!

Skirmish formation or no, 4th section held their ground and opened a telling fire.

With two out of five warriors dropped the Fuzzy Feet withdrew to trouble us no more.

Rather a bad showing by Sharke's lads. Suppose that's what comes of elevating a rookery orc above his station eh?

In this action the company lost 1 Officer and 1 Sergeant severely wounded, 3 Other Ranks killed, and two more missing.

Halfling losses were estimated at 9, but as they carried off most of their dead its hard to tell.

Hope you enjoyed the tale!


  1. Great images and a fun battle report. It looks and sounds like you had a ball.


  2. Thank you Tony. Didn't expect Sharkey to almost cop it although I suppose that is di rigueur for a Sharke story : )