Monday, November 28, 2011

Le Beau Sabre Gauche

They Seek Him Here...

Not much of a post today, just wanted to get photos of this fine fellow on the blog. 

A simple conversion, using Alternative Armies' Duke of  Yippstatte. Having received the original (above), I just had to get another one to rework as an homage to Baroness Orczy's hero extraordinaire!

Both miniatures were originally painted by the staff painters at Alternative Armies. I had to re-paint the converted model a bit to cover up construction, paint the sword and scabbard, and of course put his mask in place so none might guess his true identity. 

They Seek Him There...

The Duke aka "Le Beau Sabre Gauche" is the start of a collection Gentlemen Adventurers being gathered for missions throughout Valon. A long term project that moves in fits and starts.

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