Sunday, September 18, 2011

Up Next: Bungle in the Jungle

Captain Gout, seconded from the 21st Eyes N' Gourds, cursed his luck for the hundredth time. There was a proper war brewing in Catalucia and here he was chasing bandits in some Sentinel foresaken jungle!

Worse yet he was leading a detachment of flanquers from the 6th Madnas Goblin Infantry battalion. D*mned Nosey hadn't even seen fit to give him some proper soldiers like those Johnny Otters of the Mahrotter Confederacy.

No! Here he was marching off to who knows where tasked with recovering some livestock stolen from the Nizam of Hyderagud's own herds. Naturally the trail led straight to the territories of Eyesore. The Tipsy Sultan had been rattling his sabres ever since old Corngrommit had let him off the hook. Had the orld beggar dead to rights and off Gentleorc Johnny goes declaring peace at last. Dracci take the lot of them...

Just then some movement off to the left caught his eyes, dragging him away from his self-pitying revelry.

About to try out some new rules for Muskets and Mohawks II. Seems that every time a game's publication is delayed, it is just as well as there is one more opportunity to make sure it does what you want it too.

While this encounter is designed for the wooded north east of North America, I just couldn't resist using some new and old jungle terrain and setting the game in the run up to the Fourth Mysore War, Flintloque style of course. 

More to come as the action unfolds. Actually its here.

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