Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Giglamps' Impi

Giglamps has committed a near unforgivable sin. Grievously injured though he survived the greatest disaster to strike His Majesty's troops in Afri.

Worse yet, some have insinuated, nay outright stated, their belief that Giglamps was not acting under the orders of the late Lt. Col. Lugdush of the 21st Eyes N' Gourds when he departed the field of the Fords of Isandlwana. No, so they say, Lt. Giglamps grasped the Kyng's Colour of his own accord in a craven effort to save his life!

Giggers could stand the backhand glances and snide comments of hi "Brovver" officers. That was only to be expected. However when he received the White Fang from his intended. Miss Abigal Goodtrhashing it was all too much to bear.

No~ This would not stand and so he resolved to recover the Colour lost at Fugitive's Drift of die in the attempt. After recovering from his injuries he set about infiltrating the Halfling Impis. In "Sproglets' Own" fashion he lost no time in learning the Halfling's speech and altered his appearance so that he might move about them undetected...if a bit awkwardly as he had to leave his spectacles. a sure sign of his civilized nature, behind.
Giglamps gone Halfling
Above is a simple conversion of an Alternative Armies Orc to stand in for Giglamps as he move about Afri like the very wind...

Added an Iklwa made from pressed florist's wire and a card and florist's wire shield. Ended up repainting most of the old boy to repair damage to his original paint job sustained during modification.

More on his adventures in future installments.

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