Friday, April 13, 2018

Large Rust Shack

This is the Rust Large Shack and the last piece that I ordered from Impudent Mortal so far. 

As you can see its pretty big compared to the other pieces, and raised off the ground to save you from creepy crawlies and boo-gens that lurk on the surface.

The stairs are not attached so can be placed as needed or removed all together for ladder only access.

Now friends you may recall I mentioned something about patience and focus. Well focus deserted my this morning and I put the floor transfers on the bottom of the floor rather than the top.

This is where patience came into its own as now I had to build what is essentially a mirror image of the house itself. Had I no prior experience with paper and MDF modelling it would not have been pretty.

Still the building is mostly symmetrical so it turned out all right in the end. It is a wasteland building anyways.

I'm happy with it and if you have an interest in having a go one one by all means do so.
As always a tip of the hat and thanks for stopping by.