Thursday, September 13, 2018

Fallout Super Mutant Test Piece

Just putting the finishing touches on a Super Mutant from Modiphius games.

Think I like the look of him but overall he may be too dark.

These models are cast in a softish resin. 

Found it a bit fiddly to work with (the material not the figure pose or construction) and would have preferred a hard plastic or metal piece. But times being what they are this will have to do.

Just hoping the paint adheres well.

I did wash them as instructed before painting and will be protective coating the model.

Just did the one for now to see how it turned out. Usually will paint 5 to 12 at a time in an assembly line like fashion. Gets things done faster that way.

Oh the game, Fallout Wasteland Warfare is a hoot btw. 

Seems a bit dense when you see all the pieces, cards, and tokens, but once you start playing it is easy to pick up.

VERY evocative of the video game which is quite an accomplishment. 

My compliments to the author!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Waiting For Skyss-Ryssa

It's that time of year when a Lizardman's thoughts turn to Lizardwomen...actually that is any time of the year really.

Dwarven Forge has just finished up a Kick Starter that will, among all the beautiful scenery, include a Lizardwoman Priestess and Lizardwomen warriors.

Ever since he heard the news my Lizardman Shaman (also from Dwarven Forge) had been...well, sprucing up his wardrobe.

Hours spent preening and fussing in front of his basalt mirror.

I do hope She is impressed and he is not consigned to the Skull Feast Ritual...

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Gotrek and Felix...with Age of Sigmar

Brought out some old chums to play one of the Warhammer Skirmish scenarios using...Age of Sigmar.
Once the situation and Gotrek and Felix stats were suitably modified it went very well.
In AoS Gotrek and Felix are not very...durable. Probably a good thing for game play but not very true to the tales of Mr. King.
Giving them the number of attacks and ward save from their WFB profiles put that to rights.

The scenario is meant to represent the climactic battle of William King's brilliant short story "Wolf Riders".

It is actually not a very accurate (!) portrayal of same.

Revealing most of the reasons would spoil the story so do find it and read it yourself.

However I can say that in the book the attack was carried out by Wolf Riders and Orcs on foot, led by a Spoiler.

The scenario as presented resulted in a fairly static sieges and  defending a passage can sadly.

With some tweaks it would make a great game.

As for Age of Sigmar, I am now a fan of the rules if not the setting. Even the Stormcasts have a place, to my mind, as "daemos" or "angels" for the good guys. Much prefer seeing them in a supporting role to mortal troops than as a faction on their own.

As for the rules, much simplified. The lack of a toughness score eliminates a die roll and makes every creature vulnerable to any troop type although saves play a huge part here.

Even better, one of my design goals for Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures in regards to organization and morale! Now, I am convinced it is simply a case of parallel development. That has happened to me too, so this is not a "they stole my idea rant". Rather its pointing out something about the the design I really like.

To wit, when morale is checked individuals may rout from the table, decreasing a unit;'s strength rather than the wholesale loss of unit morale.

What this gives is the experience of some figures running away, gradually decreasing a unit's effectiveness. Eventually one has to weigh the merits of staying and dying in place or retreating to perhaps fight again under more favorable circumstances.

Well the rules are available for free so you should try them out for yourselves if interested!

Thant's all for now.

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Russo-Swedish War of 1808 with a Difference...

Troopship from Scotland!
Since the beginning of this year I have been working on recreating the Swedish Army of the 1808 Russian invasion of Finland...using trolls.
Received a great many figures yesterday, all painted by the great staff painters at Alternative Armies. Were it not for them I never get a project done. I am a fair painter but slow, so spend my time on smaller projects.
I can claim to have add the flags though. These are from the wonderful research and generosity of Lars Rössle of Sweden.
Pictured here are three battalions of the Tavastehus regemente. 
The uniforms of the Tavastehus and Nylands are the grey coat of regiments raised in Finland rather than the more recognizable Swedish blue.

Three battalions of the Nylands regemente ,

 Two battalions of the Goteborg garnisonsregemente.
The Göteborgs garrison regiment had been disbanded in 1801, but apparently there were sizable forces present that used to compose that regiment, and they took to the field as the Russians approached. Their uniform is the basic Alternative Armies Trolkin uniform, which is a near enough match for the regiment's uniform at the time of its disbanding.

a couple of squadrons of dragoons, 

Three artillery crews.

... and some general officers.

...Also a druid, fantasy troll, and elves for a completely different project.

If you are still with me after all of that, thanks for stopping by as always!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Large Rust Shack

This is the Rust Large Shack and the last piece that I ordered from Impudent Mortal so far. 

As you can see its pretty big compared to the other pieces, and raised off the ground to save you from creepy crawlies and boo-gens that lurk on the surface.

The stairs are not attached so can be placed as needed or removed all together for ladder only access.

Now friends you may recall I mentioned something about patience and focus. Well focus deserted my this morning and I put the floor transfers on the bottom of the floor rather than the top.

This is where patience came into its own as now I had to build what is essentially a mirror image of the house itself. Had I no prior experience with paper and MDF modelling it would not have been pretty.

Still the building is mostly symmetrical so it turned out all right in the end. It is a wasteland building anyways.

I'm happy with it and if you have an interest in having a go one one by all means do so.
As always a tip of the hat and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Building Proxima de la Muerte

Started tentatively working on Sci Fi campaign that's been kicking around in the back of me head for some years now.

The mining colony Proxima de la Muerte has gone quiet.

Too mundane a job for Star Army, a Planetary Defense Force detachment has been dispatched to find out why the Corps are not getting their ore.

On arrival they will find civil unrest, rebellious local authorities, unrestrained gang warfare, madness, and worse.

Naturally such a setting needs some buildings.

Just found out about Impudent Mortal a couple of weeks ago. Along with lots of MDF accessories and building kits they have what they call the Rust range.

These buildings come with transfer sheets that detail the plain wood surfaces.
No painting required, just patience and concentration.

I made the two small shacks easily enough yesterday.

Built the watch tower today, and maybe I should have done so over two days.

Reckon it came out  all right though.

The buildings have removable roofs and detailed interiors as well.

In addition to these three there is a larger shack yet to be built.

On their website you will find other goodies like a crane, container boxes, a repair shop, and such all reminiscent of the settlements in Fall Out (IMO), which is a good thing as they will be useful when Modiphious release their Fall Out skirmish game.

If you decide to try these kits out, do watch the video how to on using transfers before you start.
Their are detailed pdf instructions of each kit, but the video contains some tips and tricks that will save you some bother.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Österbottens (Troll) Regemente

Starting work on Swedish forces for the Russo-Swedish War of 1808...

...with a  difference.

In keeping with my other Napoleonic and Seven Years Wars armies these will consist of Alternative Armies Slaighterloo/Flintloque fantasy figures.

These are Trolka of Skandavia by name, although I prefer to just call them Trolls.

This first unit is in the uniform of the Österbottens Regemente whose 

The Regiment was engaged  in several battles during the campaign, and being a Finnish unit was disbanded after the loss of Finland to Russia.

These figures were painted by the alternative Armies painting staff to their usual high standards in the "stock" Trolka uniform.

It only took a simple paint conversion to change this to the Österbottens uniform.

Troll battalions are being manned (Trolled?) at a ratio of 1 Troll to 4 human sized figures so this battalion is equivalent to 32 figures. At 1:20 figure to man ratio this leaves the battalion only a few humanoid figures short of its max strength in the campaign.

More Trolls (line and cavalry) are on the way from Scotland, and the Russians are already extant as Witchlands undead.

A special thank you to Lars Rossle (there should be an umlaut over the "o", but can't figure out how to do so!)  for the lovely flag art and if you have any interest in the conflict do visit his website .

As always more as it happens and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Seven Years War Beervarians Infantry and Hunvarian Hussars

Severed Ears War Beervarian Dwarf Infantry.
Von Rotte Line and Grenadiers painted by the Alternative Armies staff.
2x 20 figure line infantry with some additional figures shown in different configurations for different games.
Ironically given this was the Bits and Bobs order that included so many mounted colonels...Forgot to order one for these fine fellows...

Charge! Battalion of 4x 12 figure companies and 6 figure colour guard, 54 figures.

Charge! Battalion of 4x 12 figure companies and 6 figure colour guard, 54 figures. Another view.

Colour Guard.

4x 12 figure Piquet battalions.

2x 20 figure Slaughterloo or Muskets and Shakos battalions with a small converged grenadier battalion of 14 figures. These can also be used with Charge! if one fiddles with the ranges.

14 figure converged grenadier battalion. Uses four figures sporting tricorene's.

May field this as a 12 figure unit sans drummer and standard. Converged grenadiers would not have a regimental colour, being composed of detached companies from several battalions in any event.

Twenty-one Hunvarian Hussars. Marketed as KGL Light cavalry, here they are presented as Hunvarian army troops. In truth they shall be used as both as needed and possibly others to round out the numbers as proxies.

Here is one Charge! regiment or two Slaughterloo/Muskets & Shakos units. 

For Charge! it is more likely they will take the field as three x seven figure squadrons. However being Ogres I should think four x five figure squadrons will do.

As usual figures painted and based by the AA staff.

Finally here are some close ups of the colours.

Created these using Paint 3D and images found online. 

Love the Unicorn of Hunvaria. The Ogres do too apparently.

Maybe that is why they ride rhinos?

Hope you enjoyed the photos and thanks for stopping by!