Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Tipooh Sultan of Eeyore, the Hundred Acre Kingdom

Three units of Tiggerotters arrived yesterday.

Sadly the Tipooh is still in mufti.

I have to fashion some ornate turban for him. Thinking of using a washer as a base and sculpting a ring of greenstuff about it. Most worried about the "dome" as he actually is rather flat headed so he will need some sort of cap or helm on which to layer the turban.

Ideally he will be riding a Heffalump. Have the Heffalump, working out the details of the howdah

Update: First blush at Tipooh Sultan...

UPDATE:  Tipooh with a more traditional Mysorian headdress:

My proportions are obviously off. First attempt and I make no claim of being a sculptor. No doubt continued attempts would bear fruit however...

The Tipu himself

... the Bear's head is sloped forwards as opposed to human's more domed shape and I can't help but think that the Bear himself would lean towards the Western conception of turban rather than the realities of Mysorian haberdashery.


Bonus photos

A regiment of Hunrovian pugs with ogre Colonel and Major. They will also have an ogre grenadier company but I have to paint them.​

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