Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Regiments Von Bark and Von Mops

Hunvarians to take the field against Ferach,
 Beervarian, and Ostarian forces in the Severed Ears War.

Here Regiment Von Bark forms line. Three line companies of 12 pugs each, ad one grenadier company 10 ogres. The colour guard of two sergeants and the standard bearers in the center of number 2 line company.

The Colonel and Major, colloquially known as "Hundeausfuehrer" look on from behind the line, their station when the regiment is deployed for fire combat.

Here is Von Mops in column of companies.

And a final shot of Von Bark.

I have yet to add the facing colours and brown trews to the grenadiers. 
That will have to wait a bit as there are other pressing matters.

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