Friday, February 24, 2017

Red Means Run.

"Red means run, Son.
Numbers add up to nothing"-

Powderfinger by Neil Young

  Thought I'd play a little game to prove that a single figure would be no match if outnumbered four to one. 

A Rep 5, AC 2, Witch Hunter is accosted by four Rep 4, AC 2 naer do wells.

Played four times.

The man is not a Warrior Hero, nor even a Star.

Four times he cut through the thugs with ease.

No special traits to help him.

No disciplines on which to rely.

There were purposely not a many tactical options. The idea was to see what would happen when two such disparate forces met in narro confines.

Just plain luck of the dice.

By the fifth game luck had deserted him.

Not sure if there is any conclusion to be drawn from all of this.

Other than the obvious gamer caveat that its always good to be lucky, so long as one doesn't come to depend on it.

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  1. I have had the same situation on occasion. Once, a Rep 3 blasted through a trio of Rep 5s. Another time, playing NUTS!, had a Rep 3 American rifleman beat down 4 Heer troops in one melee after another (the first melee was 2 on 1!). Of course, on the flip side, I've had a Rep 5 tear up half the enemy force, as well as my Star gunned down as soon as he stepped out of cover... life ain't predictable, that's for sure!

    1. Nothing is predictable in THW games. In my current Nuts! patrol mission, I had a squad of Rep 3 Germans take it three of my Rep 4 US soldiers.

    2. One of the things that drew me to Two Hour Wargames in the dark, distant, past (Six Gun Sound, first edition). Survival should never be a given, or a character's deeds pale. A bit like the difference between original Batman and Superman. Anyone could be a super hero if they were indestructible. But that's another story :)

  2. Wow, splendid pictures once again, very atmospheric...

    1. Thank you but I take no credit. My phone does all the difficult bits.

  3. There's many a slip between cup and lip...