Sunday, February 12, 2017

Major Demon vs. Young Dragon

Spent last week revisiting how magic works in Warrior Heroes: New Dawn.

On of the options open to magic users is the summoning spell.

Just what one summons, if anything, is based both on the type of sorcerer casting the speel, and how well the spell has been cast. For example, a necromancer will summon undead, while druid will summon allies from the natural world.

A summoner who excels as his or her cast can expect a fearsome ally indeed, although with such fierce creatures there is always the small matter of bending them to your will...

That aside, integrating truly monstrous foes into a game is always a bit of a challenge. Anyone can make up a points system, and players love to able to pit X  points of Army 1 vs. X points of Army 2. 

Trouble is that attributes and stats don't correlate directly to battlefield performance. There are a great many variables involved including; player skill, terrain, luck of the dice, and so on.

However what a points system can do, hopefully, is to class figures into broadly similar tiers. For example you shouldn't need a points system in order to know that a peasant with a dagger is probably going to be overmatched by the Mother of All Dragons.

All of the above is long winded way of saying that I wanted to pit two top tier predators against one another just to see that they were able to stand up, each to the other.

In this case...

A Major Demon versus...

A Young Dragon. 

In Two Hour Wargames' Talomir, a Mature Dragon is the equal of a great host of other figures, and not something anyone is likely to run into. However a lucky sorcerer might just be able to summon a Young Dragon.

I ran the game treating each figure as an NPC using the solo/coop rules included in the game.

in the first game, on the very first turn, the demon got lucky and was able to drive the dragon off the battlefield with a well cast fear spell.

A quick reset and it was on to game two.

The demon once again launched a magical attack as the dragon closed. This time to no effect.

The dragon then  made a swooping attack on the demon and round of melee ensued.

With such high level creatures involved, quite a few dice were rolled to get the result.

The demon managed to push the dragon away, leaving his foe fluttering just out or reach.

The dragon won the initiative for the next turn and let out firey blast that sent the demon back to whichever hell it had come from..

So two games. Two opposite results. Both due to lucky dice.

I am very pleased with the result. The melee capabilities of each monster are so close that without magic or dragon fire there would likely be  a number of melee clashs as each wore the other down, until either got in a telling blow and won the day.

Not pretty to think about what these creatures would do to average quality humanoids, but hey, these monsters are rare, and  the humanoids would almost always have numbers on their side and all it would take is that lucky hit to win the day.

That's all for now as its back to looking at processes and how they interact for me.

Till next time, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice pics...and this Young Dragon is so cute...Seen from afar!

    1. D'accord! I am not a huge fan of dragons in general, but this one was so friendly I could not help but give him a home :)

  2. The lucky shot from Bard the Guardsman comes to mind...I like what I'm seeing! Have it available for my birthday in April, please! ;)

    1. OOOH Might be cutting it close. No idea how long it will take for the game to be edited and properly laid out after I hand it in. Will see what I can do :)

  3. Yes! This screams to me of future GoT goodies!! 😁😀

    1. Have only seen the first two seasons and have not read the books does seem the kind of "gritty" fantasy that would suit these rules.