Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It's More of a Guideline Really

Following on from Guan Yu's troubles, a Giant in search of breakfast has wandered into Dwarven lands...

The Giant is Rep 7, AC 6, Hits 5, and with the traits; Artillery, and Terror, he is an apex Big Bad.

 So will counting him as two figures be enough? 

Truth is it probably wouldn't. Part of the equation must be not only how many enemy should a powerful character spawn from one PEF, but also how many PEF's are likely to resolve into enemies over the course of a game.

In this instance the Dwarves only managed to get two fighters into play.

And the Giant was happy to play King of the Hill.

And the Dwarves had to come and get him.

Have I mentioned that the Artillery trait allows the Giant to toss stones?

With a Rep of 7 he's a fair shot too.

Cheeky little Dwarf.

He has sand, and that's a fact.

True grit.

Sometimes grit ain't enough.

A quick little game that highlights the short coming of any points system.
  • Terrain will be factor.
  • Luck of the dice will be a factor.
  • Relative position of friendlies and enemies across the table top will be a factor.
  • Obviously perhaps, player skill will be a factor, although for many that may be the point of the exercise.
So very many variables.

Specific to THW's, one Star is not necessary equal to another, and the same goes for grunts. 

And yet there must be some system with which to set things in motion.

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  1. I have the solution...The Mirliton Dwarf Giant. ^_^

    1. How about this guy...

      Although my favorite approach is decidedly old school. Swarm it with fanatics!

    2. Sending in that dwarven mech sounds good too!