Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Guan Yu: How do you value a Warrior Hero?

Just a quick game today, one of series, to evaluate just how many regular warriors it takes to fight a Warrior Hero on something like equal terms.

In the first edition of Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures I cooked up a formula for  a figure's Combat Value, based on its stats, with varied degrees of emphasis on each. It's a bother to calculate and not a very good yardstick anyway.

So looking for simpler solution. I start with the basics. A single Warrior Hero looking for trouble, using the "How Many of Them are There" mechanics from Swordplay. Basically the game doesn't care if you are a toddler or demi-god, you count as 1 figure, and you will meet a number of enemy figures based on that value, "1".

Guan Yu, a Rep 5 Warrior Hero, has heard rumors that a neighboring faction is scouting his master's land.

A quick look around shows three Possible Enemy Forces...


Guan Yu rides towards the nearest.

It turns out to be two Rep 4 enemy horsemen. They cautiously approach our Hero.

Knowing nothing of caution, Guan Yu charges!

He swings at the leftmost enemy with the Green Dragon Crescent Blade,

And brings his man down.

Don't mind the White Wolf. He is just a place marker for my tests.

As Guan Yu rides past his foes, he sees the other two PEF's are naught but a single horse bowman.

Between his foes now, Guan Yu receives arrow after arrow with no ill effect*.

Gaun Yu rides down the bowman.

Siezing his chance, the enemy horseman charges Guan Yu from behind!

Luck is with our Hero, he turns in time and launches a charge of his own.

In  moments its over.

Three men tried, and three men died.

Guan Yu!

*One arrow not only hit its mark but scored an Out of the Fight. Had Guan Yu not had the advantage of Hero Dice (aka Star Power IIRC), or had those dice rolls been unlucky, the archer would have put him down.

Not terribly surprised that a Warrior Hero could handle three to one odds with little trouble. As always the dice could have been against him, in which case three would have been more than enough, but on average...

What with Star Power, and Disciplines, let alone their tendency to have high Rep and Amour values, Warrior Heroes are a tough opponent as are some of the harder monsters/Big Bads who often take several hits to kill. So...

Upping the ante next time.


Partway through the second game. A Warrior Hero is now worth 2 regular figures, rather than one. A simple change that has been more effective than I imagined.

Guan Yu is now battling four cavalrymen and three horse bowmen. It's a swirling melee in which has so far only seen the loss of one cavalryman, and one of Guan Yu's Hero Dice.


Doing his best impression of a pin cushion, Guan Yu is finally brought out of the fight by an arrow. This one actually scored Obviously Dead, but our Hero was able to use his very last Hero Dice to avoid death and end up Out of the Fight instead.

So two is the magic number going forward, although this still needs plenty of other Encounter aspects that need testing.  So no shortage of games to try this out during.

BTW Guan Yu is a beautifully painted miniature from Dragon Painting Service. The have an Ebay store, but in this instance I simply emailed them asking if they had any figures suitable for the Heroes in the Luo Guanzhong's Three Kingdoms. Much to my delight they had.

The other figures are from Alternative Armies, and my good friends there also handled the painting for me.

Warrior Heroes: New Dawn does not have any direct connexion with Three Kingdoms. There is a psuedo Han country in the game world, which will appear in the third volume army lists.

That's all for now and thanks for stopping by!