Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Once More Into The Crypt...If All Goes Well

This time I formed the men for battle early on, and my caution was rewarded.

Enemy resistance formed in three main groups this time. Longbowmen before me and to my left, and spearmen in the ruined castle gateway. Once again my archers, even more heavily outnumbered this time were shot down.

However a determined charge by Sir Percy dispersed the bowmen to my left.

And my footmen did the same with the bowmen to my front.

All was now set for a push onto the castle.

While on the battlements a sinister figure kept watch.

I had my billmen lead the charge with their deadly two handed weapons. Each man was backed by a spearman.

It was a desperate fight.

My men finally overwhelmed and destroyed the spearmen blocking our way.

The Vampire lord summoned dark energies to attack Sir Percy from a distance.

But could not focus the energy properly and the spell was ineffective.

We rushed into the courtyard,

As the Vampire fair sprinted for the entrance to the crypt.

Sir Percy dismounted to lead the assault.

With only one way into the crypt, the Vampire took up position.

And Sir Percy led his men onwards and upwards. Notice how the castle is so laid out as to create a number of choke points where only a single man map pass at a time.

The Vampire tried his fell  hand at magic once more, 

and conjured up an armoured skeletal warrior.

The skeleton charged!

A fierce melee broke out at the foot of the steps.


And forth!

Although not the best fighter, the skeleton was mindless and so fearless.

Finally the monstrosity was driven back up the stairs.

And ultimately overcome.

Now it was a "simple" matter of putting down the Vampire.

But the enemy had something to say about that plan.

And slowly beat Sir Percy back...

...down the stairs.

The combatants broke off and returned to a neutral position.

Until finally with a blood curdling scream the Vampire charged and in his fury routed the entire party.

It was a close run thing but the scourge remains even now.

Next time I had better bring a priest.

Would have done this time but I hadn't devised rules for clerics when this game started!

Hope you enjoyed the show and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wonderful story and pictures as always sir!

  2. The only way to describe this is "radical sauce!" Thanks for sharing, loved it! :)

  3. Great report.

    Thank you for posting the images and the AAR.


    1. You are very welcome Tony! Thank you for the kind words.

  4. It's great you're doing second edition of the rules.
    I love your castle.

    1. Thanks! Got the castle from Old Glory many years back now, but never really used as more than scenery before.

  5. That looks great. The castle is a great piece to do battle on.

    1. Odd. Thought I replied to this yesterday. Must have hit a wrong button somewhere! Thank you. The castle is still available from Old Glory. It lacks a gate/portcullis/drawbridge, being a dilapidated castle model, but I love it. Here is the link:

  6. Very enjoyable, when can we expect this new delight?

    1. Thanks Monty! Its a big job. I'll say three months but you know how these things go. :)

  7. Love the pictures! Your castle is quite impressive.
    Cheers, Karl