Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Reviewing the Troops

Recently I've embarked on a project to make sure that all of my Great Britorcn battalions have two standards, both the Kyng's Colour and a Regimental Colour. For the Orcs this was no problem as in fact each battalion already had both. No the trouble lay not in Albion but in Joccia and Taffsea. These battalions are sold with one standard, er... standard. Although come to think on it now, the Guards, needed  second standard as well.

Many of the orc battalions carry standards designed by the good folk at Alternative Armies. For my regiments, the standards are often designed by manipulating an image of one of the "official" standards.

Here now are some photos:

The colour parties of 14 regiments of Greate Britorcn line battalions , ranged by seniority from the 1st Foote Guards on the viewer's left to the as yet unnumbered Toad Hall Fencibles on the left.
>Nine orc, three rat, one hobgoblin, and one weasel battalion all ready to take on the Elven menace. Depending on theatre and time these are brigaded with Al-Garvey goblins, Brewswicke Dwarves, Hunvarian dogs, apes and rabbits of the United Provinzes of Fruit and Veg, units of the Kyng's Giant Legion, or goblin, halfling, and otter sepoys of the HEIC.
Not pictured are the light infantry battalions, horse, and guns.

The HobGobs of Harleck, renowned for their fighting both in Aegypt and Haflingland. The origins of their motto, "Faaaasends of 'Em" is lost to the vagaries of time.

The South Morder Regiment, one time unhappy home of Riekard Sharke. Their motto, I dare not repeat here.

The Strathcarnage and Killmore have a chequered history. During the Mammothite Rebellion they were raised by the supporters of Wee Woolly Prince Charlie. In more tranquil times they were taken into the Albion Line in recognition of their fine fighting skills. Their Mammoth Badge and motto "Aye Sae!" are said to represent their ties to "The King Under the Glacier"

>The Eyes in Gourds, motto: "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!".

The BlackWatchit: Motto: "We'll be Coming, We'll be Coming Down the Road" is apparently a reference to this "Tartan Army" being always ready for a Barmy.

The Coldscreamers' Motto "Tha Kyng's Awrite Lads!" hearkens back to their role in putting down the Mammothite Rebellion, where their loyalty to the House of Hunvaria was never in question.

The Toad Hall Fencible Legion, raised by, and at the expense of, Sir Hector Toad, has been taken into the line by a cost conscious Parlement. Their motto is that of the Toad family: "Semper Buffo!"..."Always Toad".

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  1. They look splendid, and these beautiful flags are a nice addition...