Thursday, April 14, 2016

Latest Troopship from Scotland

A lot going on here so I must keep this brief, 

Received a huge box of figures from Alternative Armies yesterday most painted and based to their usual high standard. Some few in bare metal per my request.

Here they are, in not too scenic a display I fear:

Six HRE gun crew. These are Pudagroan dogs painted in the manner of the HRE (Holy Rottweiler Empire). There are also four light and two trois barrel guns that may be seen in some of the other photos.

For those of you unaware of this line, AA's dogs are THE DOG's, and the Pudagroan line takes the canine art to a new high. Highly recommend for those looking for Gentledog Warriors.

Twenty mad orcs on mad boars. Pure old school goodness.

Matching orc boar chariot with two versions of an orc lord. One to ride in the chariot and one dismounted to fight on foot.

Ten Toadaroni light cavalry on Hippos, with one additional officer. . Or as I like to think of them...."hippomobile". I will get my hat.

This is part of my effort to bring my existing cavalry units up from 10 to 21 figure strength.

The crowning glory. King Bonnio or in my world the Emperor of the HRE, here inspecting the sixty curiassiers of the heavy cavalry arm.

And finally a bit of housekeeping. Additional standard bearers to allow the Grenadier Guards, the 24th Hobgob Foot, The Cold Sceamers, the Black Watchit, and Strathcarnage and Killmore Highlanders field both a Kyng's and Regimental Colour. Also there is a piper for the Black Watchit.

There you have it. A fine group of figures.

Next up, hopefully, will be some new rules for Warrior Armies: Armies and Adventures. This is one is a favorite among those I have developed and its re-release in it's original form gives me a chance to write what I would have done differently and what tweaks I do apply to my games.

Until next time.

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  1. Another great post - thank you.

    I have just ordered one of those triple cannons - I'll be posting comments soon.