Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Kingly Gift and Other Troops from Scotland

As mentioned elsewhere the most recent troopship from Scotland contained three orders and this "wee" pressie!

A kingly gift indeed, it is about twice the height of a Flintloque orc and is painted with lovely details.

My thanks to all of my friends at Alternative Armies!

Here's a unit of twenty hobgoblin foot...

...and twenty mounted along with a standard bearer and their...


These nomadic herders and raiders will fill that function in both dark age and black powder fantasy games. I prefer to organize my goblinoids into tribes rather than units per se and to that end the hobgoblins will likely receive support from or be supported by other tribes like these goblins.

Twenty four well armed goblins spoiling for spoils. These fellows are intended to form up with my ancient plastic GW goblin archers (from their first plastic box) as well as some Marauder auxiliaries and GW metal wolf riders....

These fantastic fellows will be providing light support...or light comedy more like.

I lurve goblins me and the smaller the better.

On a more serious (?!) note the armies of the Severed Ears War continue to muster.

Here are two companies of Charge! light infantry resplendent in the uniform of the Banal-Grenzinfantrie. 

The figures are the new Rache Carabiners painted to my specifications.

Twenty four figures in all they compose a light infantry battalion.

Here we have four squadrons of the Sachsen Gotha Dragoons led by the Emperor King himself.

The Dragoons number twenty dogs and horses all told.

 The figures are from the Hundmordor Dragoons. The Emperor King is Le046 King Bonio who apparently has not made it to the web store just yet.

The paintwork on this most Regal of Dogs is superb! My heartfelt thanks to the artist.

Rounding out the SYW figures are several additional Prussian dwarf officers and sergeants. I felt my original scheme of three officers per forty figure line unit was a bit underwhelming and so each company will now have its own officer plus one for the colour guard, giving one mounted colonel and four dismounted other officers per battalion. 

Also the dwarven line figures do not have a sergeant casting. The standard bearer for the Von Rotte Grenadiers has now been cast in that role. Armed with a stout staff with heavy finial and a blunderbuss, the figure is both imposing and fits the idea of a grizzled sergeant keeping the lads in line.

There will be four sergeants assigned to each line battalion.

Finally a couple of command figures round out the orders.

General Archirat Gordon and Captain Angus McBam are two chaps I've been meaning to recruit for a while now. Just one look at them and I feel sure you will know why.

That's all for now. Back to tinkering with some black powder and fantasy rules I've been working on as well as the decidedly un-glamorous work of repainting some pom poms and tufts to reflect changed OOB's  for me.

Hope you enjoyed this review of the latest troops!

Thanks for stopping by.


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    1. Thank you Phil!

      The grenz and dragoons will really stand out among the white coats of the line. Alternative Armies painting is superb. Also I just love the flags that Nancy provided. I enjoyed making the Toad Hall flags but the Dog flags are just lovely.

  2. Would it be ok to feature this post on the Alternative Armies blog officially in the new year?

    Gavin Syme (GBS)

  3. Hello Gavin! By all means do! There is much for you to be proud of here.