Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Battle of Zweifelder: Humbugged!


I've been humbugged!

The second elven line regiment has appeared on my left. A strong column of infantry and guns are now advancing. The only unit directly opposing them at the moment is battalion of Freikorps jaegers.

Even worse it is no apparent that the elves had no intention of storming the fields. Rather they have set up a double envelopment. Infantry and guns on me left, and heavy cavalry screened by light infantry on me right.

Fortunately my guns have come up and just in the right place, although they face some danger of being overrun.

My second infantry regiment should be appear up the main road soon and so be thrust right in the thick of things.

As can be seen my other infantry regiment is on my far left and well out of the fight due to their fairly slow movement rate. Once those troublesome Tirailleurs get into that wood the Zwergteufels will be in for it.

Perhaps a grand charge against the elven cuirassiers is in order in an effort to buy time?

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