Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Der Kleine Frederick and on of his Gentledwarf Officers

Finally got around to painting Der Kleine Frederick. He started life as an Alternative Armies studio painted Baron von Rotte. The original painting was splendid as evidenced by his un-retouched mount. However I wanted the old chap to have white hair, blue coat with red cuffs etc. so slapped some paint on. He came out quite acceptably.

This is another AA painted fellow. Again he was in the von Rotte livery of red jacket with blue turnbacks. As you can see he now sports white vice red, and I highlighted some other aspects of the figure. As above the mount remains provided.

I am particulalry happy withe shading. I decided not to use washes and rely on the old school mixing and blending of ever darker shades of the main colour.

Hope you enjoy the post and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very nice.

    I't always nice to add something to the bought paint jobs - Makes you feel that they are really yours.


  2. I just appreciate the time saved painting mounts. As a cavalry geek I have painted more horses, wolves, and what have you than I care to remember :)