Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Forlorn Hope: A New Encounter for 95th WIP

Been working on this one a bit. Hope to send it off to Ed soon.

Basically your character can choose to lead the first assault party into a breached fortress wall.
Success will yield great rewards.
Death or maiming is more likely.

Here Captain Sharke (bvt.) leads a party of ten men; a Sergeant, two grenadiers, four line infantry, and two light Bobs.

They start out just before first light and hope the French sentries won't notice them until the very last possible minute.

In the event they were noticed right away...

Shots rang out. Carcass lit the morning. Fougasse turned the ground into so many mini volcanoes.

Sharke was hit twice by musket balls and took a pummelling from a mine but still he carried on.

First man into the breach was grenadier Simpkin of the South Mordor Regiment.

He was immediately shot and killed by a squad of Frenchmen waiting behind the retrenchment.

Disappointed at not having been first, Sharke redoubled his efforts, making his way up the wall to the parapet and killing a French officer in hand to hand combat.

The other side of the breach was tackled by a light infantryman who was not as lucky. His broken body tumbled to the ground below.

Of the ten men in the party only three reached the top of the wall.

It was enough to secure a lodgement for follow on forces, so a good, if costly, result.

Still need to finish up some bits (that means writing), both for this and the regular assault scenario. Still the end is in sight!

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  1. That's it, I'm digging out my copy of "Sharpe's Eagle"!

    1. Ho ho, you won't regret it! Try to find a copy of "Sharpe's Tiger" about his adventures in Mysore. A ripping tale.

  2. This looks great! In terms of numbers, I counted (I think) 10 Frenchies defending the position. Is that right?

    Best regards,


    1. Hullo Chris, You are well on the mark. I think there were 11 French in all. There could have been a few less or maybe 6 or 7 more. All depended on the dice.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Phil. It was quite ...well quite...a near run thing.

  4. Great batrep and nice pics. Do like that crumbling wall.

    1. Thank you Anne! The walls and buildings are from Miniature Building Authority. I could, and have, made walls from scratch, but their breach sold me on their product.