Friday, August 29, 2014

Boar Commando (really) WIP

Spent this week painting mostly.

First up is this unit of boar centaur Boers.

EDIT: The figures are from Gray Cat Castings, sold by Steve Jackson (SJ Games at Warehouse 21). I have ten of them but there is only one pose. Painted them mostly to get them done. Another unit of "mounted" infantry for Albion or plucky opponents for same. The boar shape really does not lend itself to "centaurism" in the way that a horse's shape does. Boars are too short between the legs and their necks not nearly long enough to pull off the required effect. From a distance they look a bit like donkey centaurs. In close up one can see their beady eyes and pig snouts.

Next up a very special figure and the first unit of Kallistra pygmies. 

A few years back Elton Waters very kindly offered to sculpt some fine halfling mounted archers for me. When I received the package it also contained this fine fellow wearing the mask along with a back story for him. More on that in another post. However the moment I set eyes on him, I knew what troops to use to back him up. Two or so years later he is on the painting bench.

The pygmies' wart hog mounts are properly hog like and and fierce looking.
The pygmies themselves are quite interesting. They make a fine complement to cartoony fantasy lines such as Alternative Armies Flintloque and properly old Games Workshop/Citadel figures.

What you see above is a unit of twelve riders led by Elton's halfling on a saluki hound. 

There are also a couple of infantry units, a mix of spear, knobkerry, and blowgun. This week I was only able to paint the command figures. Hope to finish the rest of them up soon.

Thanks for dropping by.  

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