Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Giglamps Fights a Duel

It had all happened rather rapidly.

After the affair of McCrusty's Gold, to appear in these pages soon, Giglamps had been summoned to 'Orse Guards by one, Major Wogan. Word had it that the Major is something of a power in Exploring Officer circles, and young Giggers was delighted to have received the order to report.

Arriving in Town after a series of bone jarring coach rides through the north country, and the hour being late, Giggers went straight to the Notables, his club, for a good meal, convivial talk, and a good night's rest. 

Alas, if only that were how it played out.

While dining with his dear Uncle Rogipoos, his uncle raised the topic of Giggers' recent journey from Guinalea via Joccia. In particular Uncle was wondering if Giggers had been delayed by the recent spate of heavy rain that had swollen rivers and even washed out bridges.

"Well Uncle, it really was quite a nice ride for the most part. Although I was late in Ber'ick and the Tweed was in flood."

From behind. Giggers could hear a chair scrape the floor as its occupant rose. Soon Giggers was face to face with a rather large and fierce looking Guinalean officer clad in the tartan of the Strathcarnage & Killmore Highlanders.

"Whatchit Laddie, what was that yee sayed about me being a 'great berk whose tweed looked like mud'?, the Joccian fair growled with breath that smelled strongly of the malt.

"See here my good Rat', said Giggers. "that's not what I said at all."

"Ouch, so now yee are calling me a liar, you sprog of a sassenorc!"

Giggers could see where this was leading.

"Very well then. I can see that you are in your cups. I give no offense, and I am sure that in the morning, with a clear head, you will have thought better of this evening's discourse." he offered.

"Laddie, the only heed I'll be clearing in the morning is yers, if yer don't cower in yer room like the goblin lover yee appear to be" snarled the Joccian, "Yewll be hearing from my second praysently".

And with that he stormed away.

Giglamps returned his attention to Uncle Rogipoo. "Imagine the nerve of that chap, spoiling for a fight here at the Notables of all places."

"Do take care nephew. Do you not know who that fellah is?"

Giglamps nodded in the negative.

"That is Lt. Ratt Mac Rattry of the Strathcarnage & Killmore. He's  a known duelist and na'er do well, though the former prevents many from accusing him of the latter I dare say."
Lt. Ratt Mac Rattry from his best side.
Giggers lost no time in seeking out his good friend, Lt. Azog St. James, also a club member in attendance that evening. St. Jame agreed to act as Giggers' second even on such short notice.

Just as St. James accepted the honor, a somewhat smaller Joccian approached; "Hoc Mac Andy at yer service Gentleorcs. I have undertaken to act as Lt. Mac Rattry's second, if yoo find that arrangement acceptable".

It was.

Soon the two seconds were conferring on the time, place, and manner of their principal's affair of honor.

Hoc Mac Andy and Azog St. James
Pistols at dawn. It all sounded very melodramatic to Giggers. Melodramatic and potentially deadly of course.

At the appointed time both parties arrived at the appointed place, a small vale behind the Notables.

Along with themselves and their principals, the seconds had arranged for the presence of  coach and a chaplain. The coach to carry a wounded principal to the surgeon. The chaplain if the coach was not required.

The duel would take place as a series of exchanged shots, continuing until one of the principals could no longer continue the exchange one way or another.

Giglamps on the field of honor
Mechanically the duel consisted of a series of rounds.
Each round started with the principals testing to see how their composure was holding up.
Next the two principals would dice to see which one of them got off the first shot.
Finally, should a hit have been scored, the location and effect of the hit needed to be determined.

Round One

Both Giggers and Mac Rattry were a bit shakend, but Giggers managed to get off the first shot.

It was a miss.

Mac Rattry returned fire and he too missed!

Round Two

Giggers continued to feel a bit shaky. Too mach Madeira the previous evening perhaps?

For his part Mac Rattry had collected himself. The duelist calmly cocked his piece and awaited the signal to fire.

Not surprisingly Mac Rattry fired first.

A miss.

Giggers now had the honors.

A hit!

Mac Rattry was hit in the presented leg and was unable to continue the duel.

Honor satisfied, Giggers returned to his rooms to prepare for the coming audience with Wogan.

Mac Rattry was gently loaded into the coach and taken to the nearest surgery...all the while muttering oaths of vengeance.

As usual there are more photos below.
Unusually I have prepared a slide show with musical soundtrack for those who might prefer to see the photos that way. They are the same photos so no need to view them one way if you have viewed them t'other.

Either way I'd love to read your thoughts on this episode of Giglamps' career!

Having just had a look at the uploaded video, the picture quality is quite poor. 
Still you can play it just to listen to the wonderful music while looking at the photos below.

All figures are from Alternative Armies with most pained by same.
The Notables Club is from Sarissa Precision.
Terrain from a variety of makers including Old Glory's modular game boards and Lemax trees.
The rules used are a work in progress for adventuring during the Regency with a focus on the Peninsular War.

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  1. My word, that is stirring stuff! Nice to see the dice helping young Giggers see off the unsavouries of the club! No doubt a few nods of approval by long standing members...

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Good stuff. For a moment there I thought we'd seen the last of old Giggers. Is this an adaptation of the By Savvy & Steel duel rules?

    1. Thank you. Giggers still has great things ahead of him. He just fades into obscurity from time to time!

      It's a sort of combination of Long Ridle and Savvy and Steel, with as usual some new stuff thrown into the mix. Early days yet though.

  3. Great report. Missed it first time around.

    Thank you for posting the AAR.