Saturday, August 24, 2013

Battle Line Has Been Drawn. Can You Guess Which One?

Well that was tiring!

Spent the early afternoon laying out the troops and table. 

Ground scale is 1" equals 20 meters are near enough and the table top is 48" square.

Naturally the figures are from Alternative Armies and mostly painted by their studio painters.

I have done the odd conversion and some particularly odd officers.

Terrain is mostly from The Terrain Guy and the table surface itself is from Warzone GTS.

The sky back drop is from Lemax.

So. What battlefield is this?

What event is about to take place?

No prizes mind. Sorry.

Was going to play the game however the effort involved in set up was too great : )

Will play soon though.

Torn between playing or painting.

Sentinel knows there is enough of that as needs doing.

One is fortunate to be spoiled for choice : )

Not sure I have enough Elves to throw into the maelstrom. 

May end up having to use dwarves, or rabbits to fill in as they too wear blue. 

Werewolves to for that matter.

Finally a mug my dear daughter designed for me.

With my credo on the reverse.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and thanks for stopping by!


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  2. I'm racking my brains trying to think, but so far I've got a Napoleonic battle with British, Germand and Portuguese troops present (if I'm reading the animals right). There's a built up area in the centre of the position and a sunken road at the rear.

    It's going to really annoy me if I don't work this one out.

    1. Dear Sir,

      I fear my whimsical flags may have mislead you.

      Think of Orangutans and Hares united in one nation : )

      I shall hear the groaning from across the ocean once you suss it out. : )

  3. It would be Waterloo with the Burrovians and the Prince of Orang united.

    1. You are correct Sir!!

      Looking forward to lining up Comte D'Erlon's assault once my camera returns from vacation : )

    2. And now we hear the sound of Conrad kicking himself for not recognising Waterloo. That will be La Haye Sainte I presume and the associated area of the ridge

    3. I will take the hit for making my United Provinces of Fruit and Veg flags too similar to Portuguese colours.

      Yes indeed. I had to give one of Bijlandt's battalions the chop as it was too far east, as are Pack's chaps.