Friday, August 9, 2013

1842 of an old game

Like Uncle Joe at the Junction I have been moving kind of slow lately.  I have some lovely mounted halflings to paint, a wonderful game involving Rifle videttes set up on the table, and just do not have the energy to deal with either task.

A recent discussion on the Two Hour Wargames Yahoogroup that involved "Big Foot" Wallace reminded me of this game. The rules used were my home grown "Comancheria" rules and the situation was loosely based on the attack on the Parker stockade in 1836 but for some reason now forgotten this game was set in 1842.

I'm sure many of you will recognize the stockade itself, a left over from my youth...



My recollection is that the fort held, there were few casualties and the Comanche made off with horses and cattle aplenty.

In the same folder for some reason are these photos from Six Gun Sound: Blaze of Glory playtest games involving a scout fighting off hostiles and a raid by Mexican irregulars on a Texian ranch.

... and then there are these guys...


  1. Are the rules still kicking around? And are the figures all 25mm?

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

    1. Hello Chris,

      The rules exist as a series of charts and notes. They are based on some very old Two Hour Wargames concepts and some Old School Wargaming ideas.

      Yes the figures are all 25mm and mostly Old Glory with a few Foundry and Dixon here and there. The two fellahs enjoying their coffee are definitely from Dixon.

  2. Great photos. There is one were the grey beef is slightly out of focus and I thought for a minute the Comanches had rounded up a baby elephant.

  3. LOL! Now you mention I do see the elephant.

    Reminds me that I read once that Comanche raiding party came back to Texas talking about little men living in trees and spotted cats. They had raided so far south that they got to the outskirts of the rain forests.