Thursday, April 18, 2013

Troopship from Scotland!

Received an order of painted figures from Alternative Armies yesterday!

"Skinner's Gnolls"
10 mounted and 10 corresponding foot Othari Gnoll Riders painted to my specifications led by a gnoll mounted highland rat again with corresponding figure on foot.

Been looking forward to adding this unit to my forces for use in Inji!

In the background you can also see four rabbit standard bearers who will be used to carry United Provinzes of Fruit and Veg banners. This way by simply swapping out flag bearers the rabbits can fight for either the Ferach Elves or the rest of Urop.

Ten mounted KGL (King's Giant Legion) Ogre heavy dragoons. They are riding rhinos and look quite fierce.

20 Burrovian Guard infantry, resplendent in bearskins.

Adding these "Dutch" guards to my elf grenadiers gives me three battalions of Guard Grenadiers and two battalions of Guard Voltigeurs. .

Note the pioneers with their imposing beards to either side of the officer. These fellahs will look splendid chopping away at the gates of Le Hey Lady (yes that is a Jerry Lewis reference).

Once again I must say that I am well pleased with the quality of  the AA studio painters. 

Recommended without hesitation!

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