Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Scary Statues

Well the Easter Truce is lasting longer than I expected.

Due to some time sensitive painting, the Guinalean campaign is on hold.

On the plus side I did get to these lovely-if-creepy models.

Crooked Dice's Scary Statues.

Those of you who know what they are, know what they are.

Those who do not may sleep better at night.

Painting these was dead simple. 
Dark grey base coat. 
Green-black ink wash.
Dry brushing successively lighter shades of grey-white.

Wonderful figures and my thanks to the good folks at Crooked Dice for sending a fourth figure gratis.

My little lead adventurers must tread carefully around these ladies.

One more photo. This one cropped from the last one above. It is a bit blurry, but it shows what's left of the green-black wash after the dry brushing.

Don't. Even. Blink.