Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The United Provinzes of Fruit and Veg

The Prince of Orangs

Should he take up these arms?
As mentioned previously the Prince of Orangs rules over the United Provinzes of Fruit and Veg located in Urop.
His principality is often an unhappy one. The Orangs of the north do not always agree with the Burrovians to the south. Indeed at one point the Emperor Mordred attempted to set up a cony state, the Burrovian Republic. As with all of Mordred's triumphs however, this too was short lived.

Or do these suit him better?
 The Prince is rather fond of noting that his is the only herbivorous state in Urop and it is perhaps this shared trait of both Orang and Burrovian that keeps the principality together.

Yet there is a dark side to this seeming fairy tale land. The Burrovian lust for carrots is so great that cony explorers have scoured the globe seeking the finest of them all.

They have found that the wild carrots of Afri are the most desirable and have set up a colony, the Burrovian Konga for the sole purpose of extracting what they call orange gold from the hapless Halfling tribes who inhabit the region.

Nevertheless and to the dismay of Albion's Friends of Afri Society, the Prince has remained on good terms with His Majesty's Gov't. Indeed during the dark days of the Burrovian Republic, the Prince, in exile, served on the staff of the Duke of Wheelingturn in the Catalucian theatre.
The burden of leadership weighs heavy on his prominent brows.

Now to the point of this post, in so much as there even is a point...

I have gathered an escort for the Prince composed of Burrovian Cuirassiers. This his personal guard will also bear his standard.

So which of the above designs do you, dear reader, prefer?

Should one of them be the entire banner or only appear in a corner of a more conventional flag?

Or perhaps like the Kingdom of Italy, the arms should appear in the center of a tricolour?

Really can't decide and looking for some inspiration!

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.


Nick H. has kindly suggested the above pattern. This assumes that carrots were not bred orange to favor the House of Orange and instead were left to their natural tendency to pale hues. It also nicely adheres to the rules of heraldry by exchanging the colour orange for the metal silver.


  1. I like the red and blue, but the yellow and blue will show up better on the table, I believe.

  2. My vote is for red and blue as it matches the uniform. I'd go for it as the flag itself, I think it would get lost as a device on a tricolor. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I like the first one - with orange carrots.


  4. Thank you all! Based on the feed back here. from email and offline I have decided to use them all! Details as figures take their place in the line.