Saturday, March 16, 2013

The 98: Landing, Reinforcements, and Organization

Preparations continue apace.

Hochemont and Toon
From left to right; de Kless, Moult, Druid Murphee

Below is an org chart showing each of the units of the Army of Liberation as well as officers commanding down to battalion level. 

If you would like to read it you had best click on it. It should enlarge in this or a new window. A click on the enlargement will hopefully enlarge it a second time for even greater legibility.
Although the officers have been named, their character will be diced for once I've written my initial orders. Using the solotiaire rules for commanders from Donald Featherstone's Advanced Wargames, this will yield commanders who respond to orders with varied alacrity, hopefully wrecking my plans and causing some comic mischief.

The third battalion of the Regiment Guinalea (if you can call it a battalion!) is none other than Bantam's own Banshee Boyz led by Spider Murphee. Technically this gives me one more battalion of "Line Infantry" than the scenario calls for.

This excess of force is somewhat mitigated by both my deployment. and the nature of my excess. The scenario actually allows the player to deploy his forces freely between Bantam and Killcurry. In creating BGORA as a separate entity from the Ferach Armee, I have created two imbalanced forces. BGORA is amply supplied with light troops yet lacks anything even resembling modern line infantry. The Ferach Division has plenty of line infantry and battle cavalry yet lacks sufficient light troops to be a balanced force.

As to the nature of the excess...well they are goblins armed with short bows. Hardly the stuff of Napoleonic legend!

Spider Murphee and his half pint boyz, now known as 3/Guinalea
So you can get the entire Glory of the thing here is a photo of 1/Guinalea..

Colonel Orkean and 1/Guinadlea

 ...And 2/Guinalea.

Colonel Fey and 2/Guinalea
 Some additional photos of some of the characters involved in this escapade.

General de Brigade Vanderhoof in front of the Legion du Rospo Hippos.

Colonel Corraggioso leads the Legion du Rospo Ligne.

 Map moves start on the morrow!


  1. Following with great interest. That figure for Moult is fantastic, I don't think I've ever seen him before. Looks like I need to add Advanced Wargames to the reading list.

  2. Sean,

    Advanced Wargames is a treasure trove of ideas and while I will probably never use 90% of them, even that 90% gives food for thought. Highly recommended.

    Moult is a really old GW Black Orc. Think he is pre-slotta but I don't care to find out now : )

    Glad you are enjoying it so far.