Monday, March 25, 2013

The 98: High Noon at Naughty Rhyme

We left off after the first three turns of Battle of Naughty Rhyme
Turn four started with an event that has had repercussions down even to the present day.
With a thump the Pub caught fire! After the event the Artists and Poets Yeomanry steadfastly maintain the fire was the result of treachery. The Guinaleans maintain this was merely another act of Orc barbarism.  

I happen to know it was a random event from Charles Grant's book, but neither side is much interested in the truth it seems.

Needless to say the sight of the burning pub sent the Wee Folk into a frenzy (It really didn't but considering the events of the next few turns it seems like it did).

With a mighty howl, Wolfe Toon personally led the charge on the hated 21st. With a mighty squeal the Wee Folk of 3rd Guinalea followed.

The green tide was unstoppable.

In a matter of minutes, the 21st "Eyes N' Gourds" were in retreat. Not even the GOC, Sir Morcambe N. Wise could stop them.

Seeking to capitalize on this success Hochemont sent couriers to the Legion du Rospo on the left flank and the Burrovian heavies in reserve.

To his  right, the 2nd and 23rd rallied and resumed their advance.

Orders seen to, Hochemont galloped into the fray!

The 2nd and 23rd found the town now deserted. The Artists and Poets had fled.
(The Yeomanry fled because of the retreat of the 21st on their flank. However for the Guinaleans this was a sure sign of Yeomanry guilt in the pub fire.)

The courier reached Col. Ranacavallo on turn five only to find out the toad would not start moving until turn 7! Worse yet the courier sent to General Vanderhoof  commanding the cavalry reserve  received the same news. No cavalry support for two more turns.

There was now a real risk that the 12th Light Dragoons would counterattack the victorious Wee Folk with all that might entail.

Fortunately the Banshee Boyz emerged from the wood just in the nick of time.

Having to choose between coming to the aid of the 21st by charging into the town, or covering the now endangered battery as it withdrew, Col, Jones of the 12th chose the latter.

The Wee Folk finished chasing the orcs out of Naughty Rhyme and then began celebrating as only the Wee Folk can...

Final losses:


General de Brigade Fefalas, 1st Brigade Wounded.
Colonel Orkean, 1st Guinalea Wounded.

2nd Ligne, 1st Brigade, 5 figures
1st Guinalea, 3rd Brigade, 7 figures

Greate Britorcn

Colonel Mon, 21st Foot, Wounded and Captured

21st Foot, 3 figures lost, 3 figures captured
Artists and Poets Yeomanry 5 figures lost, 5 figures captured

The Ferach also captures one gun abandoned in the pursuit.

So Naughty Rhyme has been liberated. Hochemont will spend the rest of the day recovering and reorganizing. 

With parity in light cavalry the pursuit will not be terribly dangerous for the retreating orcs and hobgoblins.

The Nerve Center : )
Just in case you were dying to see...I'll close with a shot of the Big Board. That's where it all happens really. It's all very antiquated with map pins and scribbles. It then gets recreated digitally for inclusion in the blog posts.

That's it for now. Will leave the strategic turn for later.


  1. Not the Pub!?! Great looking battle. Your command center looks infinitely more organized than mine.

  2. Thanks for the report.

    I'll re-read all the entries when I have time and post again.


  3. Wonderful report and pictures...figures are really impresive!

    1. Thank you! All credit to the fine painting staff at Alternative Armies!

      All I did were the Banshee Boyz, Wolfe Toon, considerable re-painting on 1st Guinalea and Baron D'Orcsy, and the flags.

      Don't have the patience to paint many units these days : )