Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reminiscing and Getting Ready for a Guinalean Campaign

In my younger days each St. Patrick's Day we would make the trek to McSorley's in Manhattan for a good bout of carousing and singing off key. In later young adulthood the trek was facilitated by my clever acquisition of employment in mid town. I could get paid for a days work and then walk a few blocks to meet up with the lads* : )

As is the way of things, and as Bocephus so aptly put it, "All my rowdy friends have settled down". And of course this is a good thing. Still looking back as one does on occasion, and prepping for a game this weekend, I present to you Black 47.

Do not know if McSorley's would ever countenance such a musical mix but its good music to prepare a game by and reminds me of my boyhood.

With St. Patrick's Day only a few days away I'm feverishly making preparations for Wolfe Toon's landing at Bantam Bay in Guinalea. This will be a modified version of Charles Grant's Expeditionary Force campaign from Programmed Scenarios for Wargames.

Wolfe Toon

Although at some level Giggers will be there representing the forces of the Crown, I will be playing as the Guinalean/Ferach Elves. As the aggressors in this case I think they have the harder job besides who wouldn't want to lead a force of Elves, Bog Orcs, and Wee Folk led by a Werewolf?

Giggers in Guinalea
 The forces have gathered and I just have to work on the map at this point. Hoping to start Sunday.

Well that's all for now. Enjoy your day!

*That was just a coincidence and I fled city life as soon as I was able.

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  1. Not sure why, but I never went in McSorley's even though I eventually lived a few blocks away. I always went to Nightingale's. Not an Irish pub but the bands were good, Blues Traveler was one. Thanks for the reminder about Black 47, I'd forgotten about them. I also need to track down those Charles Grant titles, they are proving to be difficult to find.