Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Because I can't find the DVD

I love old haunted house comedies. Anything from Abbot and Costello to the Bowery Boys and beyond.

Here is a number from one of the later films, Scared Stiff released in 1953.

That Dean Martin sure can croon, and Carmen Miranda is lovely as always...and what can one say about Lewis?

Been wanting to share this one with my boy for a while but nobody seems to be playing it these days.


  1. Martin and Lewis were great. Really they were the first rock stars. Women would cram the streets outside their hotel rooms and scream for them.

    And Lewis-what a genius. For some reason, in America, people don't know about all the technology he developed for film.

  2. Good heavens. Don't get me started. If a film isn't in color and full of explosions people don't know about it : )

    Outside of the craft very few people know (or care) about cinema history and a small fraction of those follow technical developments.

    Rant off!