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As noted last time Colonel Kilpaw of Force Lipan's 1st Hare Cav regiment was eager for a game with world famous player Lanz Johnsorc in the Green Dragon Inn, the Burrovian Konga's premiere Whist venue.

Dkatha Bey, the infamous Halfling slaver that made the Green Dragon Inn his home had other ideas.

The following is how it all went down. 

This Slaughterloo game featured three squadrons of Burrovin Cuirassiers, each 10 strong, lead by average "General" Col. Kilpaw. Colonel Kilpaw's staff consisted of Giggers (who as a mere adviser had no real role in the game) and Frogner, the Toadoroni opera singer. 

With the power of his vocal calls, Fogner reduces the morale of any enemy unit within 15cm to suffer a -1 to any morale tests.

Opposing Kilpaw were a heavy Othari Barking Dog with seven crew, and two units each of 20 Aegyptian Hafling Warriors, led by Dkatha Bey, an average General.

I took on the role of Kilpaw and some solo rules I have been monkeying with took on the role of the Bey.

With three squadrons of horse ("donkey" really!), I decided on a fairly text book approach. First squadron under Major Harecule Pothole would lead in line on the right. His mission was to silence the gun.

Capt. Peter Cottontail, would lead 2nd squadron also in line and echeloned to 1st squadron's left rear, against the gully full of halflings to the right of the gun.

3rd squadron, Capt. Benjamen Bunny commanding, would be held in reserve, ready to support either forward squadron. I have it on good authority that keeping a squadron of sabres in hand is always a good idea...and so it was.


 The plan almost immediately became undone as I proved adept at drawing "Command Indecision" cards. It became a case of having 1st squadron come to a halt in front of the battery or letting it draw far ahead of its supports. In proper cavalry spirit Harecule kept his conies advancing to limit their time under fire.

In response, Dkatatha moved his reserve warband up to support the gunners.

1st squadron closed the distance and charged! The gunners prudently withdrew behind the supporting warband.

 1st squadron overran the battery...and with a howling cry the hairy footed foe charged!

Quite literally as the crafty Bey produced a "Charge" card that gave his fellahs an enhanced move and +4 to their melee skill. This was not going to be pretty...well if you are a rabbit anyway.

 A very brief scuffle saw the rabbits retreating. Fortunately their donkeys easily outpaced the pursuing warriors.

Disaster had been averted although 1st squadron had suffered quite a few losses.
 At last my luck with the cards changed. Drawing a "Forced Maneuver" and rolling well on the resultant test, 2nd squadron enticed the halflings out of the gulley and into a premature advance.

 As 2nd squadron charged home, the Bey remarkably played a second "Charge!"  card on this his second warband.

Well I can tell you it left me a bit shaken.

Still Capt. Cottontail's conies were able to hold their own and eke out a draw.

 With the issue in doubt the warband that had seen off 1st squadron made a determined rush for the engaged 2nd squadron's flank.

It was here that keeping 3rd squadron "in hand" paid dividends. Capt. Bunny ordered the advance and intercepted the charging halflings.

The melee that ensued was brief and 3rd squadron was repulsed but they had done their job and protected the vulnerable flank of 2nd squadron.

 With their flank secured 2nd squadron redoubled their efforts and did terrible execution among the ranks of the foe.

The Bey's left flank broke and ran!

Capt. Cottontail was able to hold his conies from pursuit but the squadron was still quite exposed, in need of reforming with angry half-pint warriors  on their right rear flank.

 It all came down to who would seize the initiative and Kilpaw lucked out!
 The hastily reformed 1st squadron, despite losses sustained in their repulse from the battery charged once more! This time their target was the very same warband that had counter attacked before. Harecule would have his revenge!

 Being rather ferocious chaps, and aided by the Bey's play of a +2 morale card, it was a near certainty that the halflings would receive the charge. With its strength already defeated this was a near death ride for 1st squadron.

In fact only a roll of 12 on 2d6 would see the halflings retreating.

A 12 it was! Frogner certainly earned his pay this day.

 The halfling retreat led them right in front of the newly reformed 2nd squadron.

Captain Cottontail wasted no time in ordering the charge!

With a crash 2nd squadron fell on the flank and rear of the retreating warband.

The warband broke and the ensuing pursuit was devastating.

The halflings were driven into the river and slaughtered.

The Othari gunners wisely surrendered, offering no further resistence in return for their miserable lives.

Burrovian casulties were heavy, the Hare Cav having lost 8 out of 30 engaged.

The halfling losses were much higher. Some 20 halflings were brought down in the fighting and many more lost to the pursuit.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the Burrovian forces and the Otters were painted by the wonderful painting staff at Alternative Armies. I must bear responsibility for the Halflings.

Terrain was from a variety of manufacturers.

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