Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Six Gun Sound: Blaze of Glory

Well school is back in session and the gaming season has come round again. I have recently been asked some questions about how Six Gun Sound: Blaze of Glory plays, and always willing to take any excuse to talk about games, especially my games : ), here goes.

The next few posts with cover some situations and encounters that come up in "Six Gun Sound: Blaze of Glory" (hereafter just SGS) available published by Two Hour Wargames.

This first post will just introduce the characters that will be used in the coming examples.

The Good

 These five gentlemen are a posse led by a Texas Ranger on the trail of a couple of desperate badmen.

 Captain Cole Calhoun

Captain Calhoun is an Old Glory figure in a nice, dynamic, pose. One of my favorite lawman figures. He doesn't have much back story, not that it matters to game play, but he is often at the forefront of my Lawman and Ranger detachments

Unca' Bob

Bob is an old timer who lost his leg at Glorietta and lost his family in a Comanche raid. Since then he has been a fixture of Texas frontier protection forces. When the Rangers were officially reconstituted after the War, Unca' Bob was one of the first to volunteer. Due to his age and infirmity he is only an "honorary" member.

Unca' Bob is a figure from Over the Wire Game's "Wanted: Dead or Alive" or "For a Few Cents More" packs.

"Mudslide" Sam

Sam is a pal of Unca' Bob's. They used to Ranger together but these days spend most of their time playing checkers in front of the Mercantile and arguing over everything from politics to weather.

Sam is also an Old Glory figure.

Ling Ho

Ling was travelling from Mexico up Texas way when he and his family were bushwhacked by owl hoots. Captain Calhoun and his troop were able to rescue Ling but were too late to save his family.

Since then Ling has been a faithful follower of the Captain and although not an official Ranger, Ling always has Calhoun's back.

This is yet another Old Glory figure, this time from the Boxer Rebellion range. It's been a while but IIRC he is meant to be a standard bearer and I armed him with a Trapdoor Springfield from Foundry's Seventh Cavalry range.

The Swede

The Swede is from a ways back East, further East even than New York City. A baker by trade the Swede has set off in search of the American Dream dressed in the best cowboy clothes Sears could provide.

He may be a greenhorn but he's brave and civic minded to boot.

The Swede is also an Old Glory figure from this pack.

The Bad

Captain Calhoun is on the trail of these two desperadoes after their failed attempt to rob the Bank of El Paso.

Now SGS is a historical western game, as opposed to a "movie" western game, and movie heroics will more often than not leave you with a dead or seriously injured character.

However I just could not resist these two figures, depicting my two favorite spaghetti western villains.

El Indio

When I first laid eyes on this figure, Gian Maria Volonte immediately sprang to mind. Mr. Volonte was the main villain faced by Clint Eastwood in both "Fistufl of Dollars" and "For a Few Dollars  More", although he played a different character in each film.  I preferred him in the latter film in which he portrayed the rather insane "El Indio" (the Indian), leader of a very vicious band of thugs.

This is another Over the Wire Games figure IIRC.


Sadly I cannot figure out how to enter special characters. This character's name is the same as "child" in Spanish.

Mario Brega is my favorite Italian character actor. He cut an imposing figure in many a western back in the day and I looked long and hard to find a figure worthy of him.

This piece was available from  Ral Partha  a while back. He is just as imposing on the table as Mr. Brega was on screen. My only complaints are that his hat is a bit strangely off center and his pistol is HUGE compared to the weapons held by the other figures in my collection.

Nino was El Indio's right hand, man. When El Indio eventually abandoned his gang he made sure to take Nino with him.

The Ugly

That would be my painting!

Next up will be a look at what happens when two owl hoots step out in sight of five folks aiming to bring them in...

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