Monday, September 17, 2012

SGS: Outlaws on the Balcony 2

Same situation, different approach from the baddies...

This is the same scenario and participants set forth here. This time, however, El Indio decided that both he and Nino should act as a single group and both badmen rush out onto the balcony to confront the posse more or less simultaneously.

 Whereas last time the outlaw leader tried to use his sidekick to soak up enemy fire, leaving El Indio with a better chance of facing enemies with empty guns, this time the idea is to split enemy fire and hope that one or both outlaws can get off telling shots before their opponents.

The game starts with the outlaws appearing on the balcony. This results in the posse members taking "Got a Shot" tests.

Mudslide Sam, The Captain, and Ling Ho all pass their tests with both dice and will be able to fire before the outlaws.

The Swede only passes one dice and, if any of the outlaws are unharmed by his three companions fire, the outlaws will have a possibility of firing before he does.

Old Unca Bob passes no dice and so does not get to fire at all.

Mudslide Sam fires and misses both outlaws. Actually that is not quite true as El Indio would have been hit but for the cover provided by the balcony.  In his haste, Mudslide has fired off his ready ammunition and will have to fumble for cartridges and reload when next able.

The Captain fires at both outlaws and grazes El Indio's head. The wily outlaw recovers from the blow but will be unable to fire before the Swede. The Captain has done a better job of ammunition conservation and will be able to fire when next called on.

Finally Ling Ho fires a shot at Nino and misses!

Nino now gets to roll to see if he can fire before the Swede. He can and does, firing at both the Swede and the Captain. The Swede takes a hit to the chest and falls dead! Nino misses the Captain though and the Captain has to take a Been Shot At test.

The Captain passes and returns Nino's fire, hitting the big outlaw in the gun arm.

Nino's wound is such that he is done firing for this turn. El Indio on the other hand recovers and is able to fire. He fires at Ling Ho and the Captain missing them both.

Both men pass their Been Shot At tests with both dice and return fire. Ling Ho misses but The Captain hits El Indio in the chest.

El Indio dices to recover and while he does not drop out of the fight, he is now saddled with a -2 to his Rep when firing.

This ends the first turn. The Swede is dead. Mudslide has to reload. Nino has taken a hit to his gun arm that gives him a -1 penalty to Rep when firing. El Indio has taken a hit to the chest that gives him a -2 penalty to Rep when firing.

The outlaws are in bad shape but a lot depends on who gets to fire next.

The activation dice are rolled and...

...exceed both sides' Rep. There is a pause in the action and the activation dice are rolled again.

This time its a tie. Neither side can act with the exception that both sides can reload. As only Mudslide needed to reload this benefits the posse.

Activation dice are rolled again.

This time both sides pass but the posse gets to act first. As all figures are in sight of one another, there is no need for any Got a Shot tests and the posse opens fire on the outlaws.

In the hail of fire that follows Mudslide would have hit El Indio but the shot was blocked by the balcony.

Unca Bob hits El Indio in the head and the outlaw drops out of the fight.

The Captain hits Nino in his gun arm. This second hit renders the arm useless and Nino is unable to return fire this turn.

Rather than have Nino try to continue the fight in his condition I decided to end the game.

So how did charging out together compare to the one at a time approach?

I suppose the outlaws did better having killed on of their pursuers, but anytime you go up against 2 to 1 odds or worse in SGS without benefit of higher Rep and Sand scores you are facing long odds.

Hope you enjoyed the report and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Poor Nino again! He's not had a good couple of days!

  2. Bullet magnate he is.

    Survive unscathed he does not.

  3. Don't tempt me Bob, I haven't painted all my Pulp figures (for Adventures in the Lost lands) and I have 200+ more to paint in a few months for WHAA (the Reaper's Kickstarter 100 dollars offer)!
    Great AAR.