Friday, February 10, 2012

Things Quickly Go Pear Shaped : Game One

Just finished a first play through using the re-imagined Company of Flintlogues.

 This game was played without any magic rules as I've not gotten that far yet.
 The native forces quickly brought the head of the column under fire.
The lead company performed well under the circumstances and formed line facing the Loup Lenape. However their fire was less than effective against the big werewolves.

 2nd company quickly turned to face left and took the Hurorcs under fire, while 3rd company advanced to take the Hurorcs in the flank.
Then disaster struck.
 A devastating Hurorc volley dropped the Colonel and the officers of 1st company. The Loup Lenape the charged and 1st company took flight!

The fear was contagious and 2nd company became disordered.

At this, the worst possible moment, 2nd company failed to act at all and rather than attempting to rally them, I was forced to see them stood stock still as the werewolves bore down on their flank.

I was able to get 3rd company into the relative safety of a gully but prospects of survival are dim.

So far the Albion regulars have lost 8 or so figures killed and another 8 or so run off to Native losses of...1 orc killed, and one orc and one werewolf wounded.

Despite the sever loss to the regulars the rules work as intended. Need to tidy up some bits and try again.
Also need to add in magic as stated up front.

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