Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Test Shots of El Opie: The Deployment

Here are some photos of the set up for El Opie. The sound of hundreds of hairy feet stomping the ground broke the morning stillness as the Bilboist banners were raised on high!

Mostly photos to follow. 

A few years back I converted a spacious gaming room into a library/sitting room and moved the table and figures into a spare bedroom.

The new room is a wee bit cramped what with the 8 x 4 table taking up most of the space.

To make matters worse from a taking photos of games standpoint, all the light, both natural and artificial comes from one side of the room.

Add in a sky backdrop on that side of the room and photos come out well dark or worse yet, require flash photography.

As a result, most of my games need to be photographed from only one long side, and one short side of the table.

The Ottermen have the honor of occupying the photogenic side of the table in this game and so...

....any shots of the wall of furry footed death bearing down on them are necessarily problematical.

So following on from these "establishing" shots, the actual game report will mostly show things from behind, or to the left of the Halfling host.

Still, in terms of composition, these photos do carry a sense of the foreboding felt by the Otter array.

Or at leas that is the plan....

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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