Monday, February 27, 2012

Orc's Drift in a Day

Way back in the 1980's Games Workshop released a series of campaign modules for Warhammer. Each set had card buildings and a series of linked games, usually three primary games and final battle.  

Fast forward to the early 2000's. When asked to develop Warrior Heroes, Armies and Adventures I always had it in mind to play these campaign games using the THW rules.

Now it is 2012 and I am finally getting around to doing so.

My intention is to play each campaign as single "mega" game, with all the battles taking place on an 8' x 4' table. That means that any individual scenario will only have a 2 foot square or so area on which to unfold.

Could be a tight fit but with the first campaign on the list, "Blood Bath at Orc's Drift" this should work. Each of the four games essentially consist of an orc attack on a smaller group of humans, elves, and/or dwarves in a defensive position. Given Warrior Heroes Armies and Adventures' (hereafter WHAA) mechanics, the close in nature of these battles should not prove troublesome.

As the orcs are on the common thread through the four scenarios, I will be taking on the role of King F'yar. The game system will handle the opposition.

Now the first question in any such undertaking is just how does one convert characters from one game system into another? Javier over at Javier at War ran a fine series of games using this same campaign set and those so inclined are encouraged to pop over there for a read. Just click the bit where it says "Javier at War" above.

For my part a bit of experimentation is in order. Things to consider are:
1. Carrying figures over by type.
2. Using some arcane formula for War Hammer stats as a basis for WHAA Rep.
3. Just winging it.

While I favor option 1 for most games this time I am going after a combo of all three! 

The battle of Linden Way will be used as test game for this method. The game pits an invasion force of some 40 orcs against 20 militia and some fleeing townsfolk.
The Residents and Defenders
 When using the term "militia" in a THW title, I would normally go with Rep 3. However the Warhammer stats for Linden Way's defenders seem no different than those for any human men at arms, so they shall be deemed Rep 4.

The Militia leader, Mayor Leofwine rates somewhere between the militia he leads and Magyar Ironfist, the leader of the orcs in this battle. I am inclined to rate him as Rep 4 as well, with the addition of a Hardiness rating to possibly offset any wounds incurred. Say Hardiness 2.

A scenario special rule has the militia so dedicated to protecting their loved ones that they are "not subject to the rules concerning rout". While WHAA has no morale tests per se, the Reaction test certainly fold in many elements of traditional morale tests. So here in a bit of a compromise, the militia must take Reaction tests but will not "Run Away", ignoring any such result.

The Kwae KarrTribe of King F'Yar
The orc rank and file also rate a Rep 4, although being on larger bases than the humans they will have a slight advantage in combat as per WHAA.

Their leader, Magyar Ironfist is Rep 5 with Hardiness 3.

Finally Bagrash the Shaman is Rep 4, Hardiness 3.

So with the forces established, next time we will see how the test game turns out.

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  1. Can't wait to read the battle report!

  2. Thanks! Just finished the write up now. Off to your blog to read how the RRtK campaign is going.

  3. What a pleasant surprise!
    Our stats for the characters differ a little bit and I wonder how your battle will unfold. It will be very interesting to compare your results with mine.
    I'm eager to read the report for Linden Way ala Bob's way! ;-)

  4. blacksmith! I do believe that your interpretation is much closer to the narrative of the campaign than that yielded by the approach I am taking.

    The differences between "narrative" and "mechanics" has always been one of the campaign's oddities. On the plus side we get at least two different ways to let it play out on the tabletop as a result : )