Saturday, February 18, 2012

Orc Exploring Officer: Mounted and Foot

Was looking for a figure to use as a dismounted version of Alternative Armies fine Orc Explorig Officer.

A request sent out on the Notables soon bore fruit! "Ian Phleming" pictured above was one of the figures included in the "Las Vegas and the One Armed Bandit" scenario pack for Flintloque and very fortunately I had one hidden away.

So with a little bit of paint and a card, er "card" added to t he mounted figures, here they are! The hats are a bit different one taller, one broader brimmed, still, easy to see one is meant to be the other and done with minimal fuss.

This chap will be seeing service in some upcoming missions for a new THW's project as well as of general use for Flintloqueian fun.

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