Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Honor of the Regiment: Game Two

Following on from yesterday's game, I tried a larger game today. 
This time six companies of the 44th, The Waxers, ran into a company of Ferach regulars supported by four warbands, two of Hurorcs, and two of Loup Lenape.

Although there were more companies involved, each company only consisted of six figures. This was mainly due to the limited number of Orc Fencibles available. However it also gave a good test of how the system would work with smaller units in play

As before a march column of red coats met the spread out warbands head on. The lead company of the 44th was sacrificed to gain time for those following on to deploy.
The 44th ended up in a sort of crescent formation while the natives fanned out to either side. When the Loups gained the hill on the 44th's left flank, things started to look grim.
However the Orcs of Albion, maintained their redoubtable stiff upper lips and fought on.
Soon the red coats gained the upper hand as their near mechanically delivered volleys took a toll on Elf, Wolf, and Savage Orc alike!
In a wild rush the Hurorcs launched an assault on the 44th's right flank.
Whooping war cries and brandishing their fearsome weapons the warriors poured out of a gully.
Would the line hold?
Indeed it did. All it took was a bayonet with some Orc behind it.

This game featured only minor revisions to the firing, morale, and initiative systems previously used. The melee system saw a greater change rendering it much quicker and nicely setting it apart from fire combat.

This game also introduced magic although in the event it played only a small role. I decided to use Alternative Armies' fine "DarkeStorme The Skirmish" rules as the starting point here. This seemed only natural as that game takes place in Valon before the Annul of Wyld Magyke. Contrary to the official story, I maintain that the Annul is less effective the further one strays from the cockpit of Urop. For game purposes Valon has been divided into three zones of magical power each with different chances of spells being cast and resisted effectively.

In the game just described above, a Hurorc Shaman cast a lightening bolt that struck an Orc company yet did no damage. Later the same Shaman helped his tribesorcs to cover more ground and spend less time under Albion fire. I think its working out rather well.

Still have bits to add regarding how to rally troops, and of course artillery. Have them all worked out but have yet to try them.

That will probably have to wait though as I've been wondering how Giggers is getting on up the Gumbia...

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