Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Passenger 135: The Take Down

Judge Roy Baen’s request to follow up the “Green Meanie Massacre” on Luna was granted.

So while Judge Esqueza remained behind to soothe the  ruffled feathers of the Goblin-Sentient Alliance,  Judge Baen caught the first shuttle to Luna 1.

After an uneventful flight, Judge Baen was met at the spaceport by Luna’s Judge Barret and the two got straight to work.

Turns out Luna Justice was unable, or unwilling, to lend much assistance pointing out that it was the “full Earth” during which violent crime on the Moon was always on an upswing. However Judge Baen was given full access to Luna Justice’s computer and surveillance network.

Checking the terminal cams for the date of Passenger 135’s arrival, Judge Baen was treated to a close up look of the suspect, a dead ringer for Oliver Poole, the missing Titan exo-archaologist. There the trail went cold. There was no record of Poole’s activities or residence in Luna colony. 

Judge Baen quickly entered a digital image of Poole into the Luna surveillance camera net. Face recognition software as often a long shot, but the images recorded of Poole’s arrival were perfect for the task.

Within minutes Poole was located entering the space port, heading for the shuttle to the big Meg.

Having his suspect head off world within hours of his arrival on Luna struck Baen as quite a coincidence, and the Judge didn’t believe in coincidences. 

With that thought in the back of his mind, Judge Baen ran down to boarding gate flashing his badge to cut through the crowds.

When he arrived boarding was already in progress. Claxon’s sounded as the Judge used his helmet mike to call in an urgent request that the shuttle suspend boarding operations.
Rounding he corner to the gangway Baen spied his quarry about at the far end.

Baen shouted “Halt citizen Poole, I am the Law!”

With one motion, Poole rounded and went for his gun.

Despite Poole’s cyber reflexes the Judge was faster and hit his mark. Poole
shrugged off the hit to his chest and fired back missing.

The Judge threw himself to one side and hit Poole with another shot to the chest, this time inflicting a wound.

Poole raised his gun to fire and Judge Baen fired again, hitting Poole in the gun arm. With that Poole slid to the ground.

Judge Baen did what he could to save Poole but his suspect bled out before the med teks arrived.

A search of Poole’s belongings turned up a photo of a juve and a data slate from six years back.
The data slate contained a news article about a young girl felled  by a stray bullet when Green Meanie allegedly put a hit on a rival ganger. Further research would reveal that the juve in the photo and in the article was one Eliza Ridgefield, Poole’s niece.

Poole’s brief case tested positive for traces of the explosives used in the “Green Meanie Massacre”.

Further digging revealed how after his family’s loss, Oliver Poole aka Passenger 135 embark on a regimen of martial training and cyber upgrades apparently in preparation for avenging his niece.

And so the case of the “Green Meanie Massacre” has been solved and justice served for no citizen may take the Law into his own hands.

Then again, there is no such thing as coincidences...

While long on story and short on action this campaign morphed into a sci-fi variant for Six Gun Sound: Blaze of Glory (or SGS for short) tentatively titled Space Cowboy. 

Future games will use the campaign rules from SGS to get right to the action.

I'll post the modifications used to the blog as I go. At the moment this consists of rules for armour and sci-fi weapons and I'll get those up in the coming days.

Hope you liked the story and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great story. Why using SGS instead of 5150 ?

  2. Thanks folks.

    @Kobayachimaru SGS:BoG and 5150 were developed simultaneously and separately from one another. While some of the innovations in SGS have been ported to 5150 in Infestation, I wanted to go back to the source for this. Also the campaign system for SGS is more fitting for this kind of Space Western theme. I hope to generate a system with different settlement levels for different worlds and etc. Finally being inspired by Judge Dredd and Strontium Dogs this project will also have a different vibe.