Monday, June 6, 2011

Passenger 135 : The Hit

Passenger 135 reclined his seat and took another sip of his synthi-tini. To
the casual observer he was just another well to do businessman on the
Titan-Luna run.. Cybered up perhaps, and sporting the silver hair now
fashionable in some circles, still not very remarkable for all that. None
suspected that only 4 hours ago he had ended the run of Willfred "Mean
Greenie" Jones.

The first two sentries had died before their faces could even register
surprise. The second pair faired a wee bet better, one even managing to
lower his shotgun before the silenced slug put him down.

Passenger 135 kicked in the door of the "conference" room, momentarily
making eye contact with Jones and then...he hesitated. Jones lost no time in
calling a warning to his associates before ducking under the table.

The associates, five Goblins with criminal records a near match to Jones'
own, screamed in range and went for their guns.

Passenger 135, took some fire from an assault rifle as he slid the briefcase
into the room, noting with some displeasure the bits of masonry specking his

The explosion killed all but Jones, who lay wounded and panting on the
floor. Their eyes met one last time as 135 put the pistol to Jone's head.

No one was likely to mourn "Green Meanie" but more than a few were likely to
try and take his place as leader of the cartel.
Scene of the crime.


And so it began. Not at all sure where it is going though. Justice
Department will be pleased with Jones' removal, yet must be wondering who
did it and what the loss portends. Certainly a power struggle is in the

And what of 135? Who and why? Was it a contract, vendetta, or power play?

Here is how this game came to pass:

1. Been reading a bunch of Judge Dredd novelizations on my ereader.
2. Got some lovely Gretchin to supplement those plastic ones with the
shotguns. They were still out on the table waiting for a permanent billet.
3. Postie brought the Ziterdes Ruined Monastery.

Now so far as I know the Judge Dredd world does not have goblins but, and I
cannot stress this strongly enough, EVERY story is better with goblins. : )

So...decided that the a notorious band of smugglers and chump dumpers was
having a council in the ruins.
They would be interrupted by a very grumpy cyborg. Used a figure from the
Rackham AT-43 ONI faction toting a pistol and a briefcase as Passenger 135.

Jones, the crime lord, was a Rep 4 with two pistols.
All the other goblins were Rep 3 with whatever they held ranging from
pistols to shotguns to assault rifles.
135 was Rep 6 with subdermal plating and enhanced reflexes. He was toting a
silenced BA hand gun and a bomb (Grenade).

Rep 6 would still fail any reaction tests on 6's but made him a very deadly
Subdermal plating reduced the impact of weapons hits by 1.
Enhanced reflexes gave anyone reacting to him a -2 Rep penalty when testing.

He actually got shot a couple of times but was able to shrug it off, so Rep
6 in itself is not as huge a benefit as you might think although he did do
for 10 goblins. The bomb helped a lot there though.

Didn't use any charts or anything so the game was probably a mash up of Six
Gun Sound:BoG, CR3.0 and 5150 but it was great fun.

Next Up: The Investigation

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