Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gunfight at the OK Spaceport

Violence erupted at the OK Spaceport today when a gang of smugglers refused to surrender to a squad of Titan Rangers.

Two Judges were slain and a third is in critical condition at this time. One Goblin was killed, three wounded and three more including the leader of the bunch were taken into custody.

Judge Esqueza, the sole member of the Rangers to escape any injury had this to say: "This is the fate that awaits all perps, regardless of race, creed, or species. The Law applies to all citizens equally".

Lundigard Huggins, Goblin activist and leader of the Goblin Sentient Alliance was quick to charge the Rangers with "reckless use of lethal force". A march is planned in honor of slain Goblin, Ragbot Shagrat. "We will march on the Acadamy of Justice so that all citizens of Titan may know of the Judges' heavy handed tatics", Huggins was quoted as saying.
This was a pretty straight up fight using Two Hour Wargames new 5150 Star Army rules.

Now the new rules are clearly aimed at lager military conflicts similar in scope to Warhammer 40K sized games. However that did not stop me from immediately subverting that approach and applying it the principles to a law enforcement themed game.

The set up was drawn from whole cloth. Three Goblins were busy loading cargo at the rear of the shuttle. The leader and another ganger were busy in the cockpit running pre-flight checks. There were two Rep 4 Goblins posted as sentries, one at each entrance to the shuttle.Each sentry had an assault rifle, while the other goblins mostly had pistols (stats taken from the original 5150).

Two teams each of two Judges started play in the warehouses in the foreground of the photo. All Judges were Rep 5 and armed with Lawgivers capable of firing multiple types of projectile.

Esqueza and his partner emerged from the right hand warehouse and spent most of the game being pinned down by the sentry located by the cockpit and then the Goblin leader himself. The officers were outgunned and continually force to duck back. When his partner was killed, Esqueza switched to Hi Ex round and stunned the sentry allowing him to charge the cockpit.

Meanwhile Judge LaRoca and her partner emerged from the left hand warehouse. LaRoca lost her partner early on but manged to drill the sentry at the rear of the craft, who failed his In Sight test and did not get a shot at her first.

LaRoca then made her way up through the shuttle towards the cockpit putting several goblins out of the fight and causing others to surrender. Finally her luck ran out though and the Goblin gang leader shot her dead.

This coincided nicely with Esqueza's charge that took the fight out of the remaining Goblins who promptly surrendered.

Judge LaRoca will be awarded the Medal of Justice, First Class for her willingness to put herself at risk. continually putting herself in harm's way while using the minimum necessary force required to prosecute the arrest.

Judge Esqueza faces review in light of his having resorted to Hi Ex rounds in a commercial spaceport.

Finally I used the Hishen reaction tables for the Goblins (and would use the Grath for Orcs). The Judges used the Star Army tables in light of their genetic engineering and rigorous training.


  1. Very cool batrep! How did the rules work for the smaller battle?

  2. Keeping in mind I did not use the game's encounter generating system, it worked very well.

    The two sides were each divided into two "squads". The Judges each had only two figures, the Goblins one of 4 and one of 3.


  3. Great AAR, did you use Mongoose figures at all?

  4. Hello Monty,

    No. I have some but have not painted them.

    Two of the Judges are the old Citadel models (my favorite. Love the whole line), and two are re-based IndyClix figures.