Sunday, March 6, 2011

Prelude: The Massacre

Inspired by a post about werewolves on the Two Hour Wargames Yahoo group,  I put other projects on hold to get in a quick game of Warrior Heroes Armies and Adventures.

I used a pack of Rackham Demon hunters and Wolfen from Rackham and the recently released farm complex by EM-4 miniatures augmented with some red brick walls picked up from The Terrain Guy, also used AEG's Ultimate Toolbox to fill in place names and other such details.

Here's the sitch:
Spoil's Farm the day after.

 Folks have been disappearing in the countryside about Havenbrook on Trench.

The Brethren have sent a detachment to investigate. As most of the evidence is hearsay at this point, the mission was given to a Sergeant and his following of investigators. The Sergeant used the Brethren Sergeant stats, for Rep 5, AC 4 and elite trained, while the investigators used the Heavy Spearmen stats of Rep 4 AC 4 and elite training. I armed them all the same with pistol and sword.

The game started with the Brethren camped out at a walled farm near the scene of the most recent disappearance. Having heard a noise out in the blackness, the Sergeant arranged his men about the perimeter of the farm. The farm was set up with the actual buildings and gatehouse forming 3 sides of a square and the brick wall forming the fourth. The resultant courtyard was approximately 12" square.
Farmer Spoil and his family huddled inside their house (non-player, non -figucres,
to the victor would go the Spoils).

Outside in the darkness terror awaited in the form of the Alpha Male, Rotland Shield-Breaker , Rep 6, AC 4, Hardiness 3, Terror, fights as with a two handed weapon, and four of his pack, Rep 5, AC 4, Hardiness 2, fight as with a hand weapon.

The game started with Rotland and his pack on the roof of the stable. They jumped down into the courtyard right onto one poor brother who was promptly rent limb from limb

Rotland charged the Sergeant who manage to fire off one shot that missed before he too was torn apart.

On seeing this 3 of the brothers fled, only to be caught up in the tide of fur and fangs. The remaining brother held his ground but it was no use. He didn't even get off a shot.

One turn and nothing left but the screams of the Spoils.

So the mystery deepens, as the number of "disappearances" clearly includes those who should have been quite capable of defending themselves...

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