Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bettan Ah Bey II and Giglamps

Took a bit of time off from general games room rearranging and had another go at Bettan Ah Bey. Added a parasol as an additional badge of rank. Surely such a one is most formidable!
Also added specs to dismounted Giglamps. Will have to re-do those on mounted Giggers to match.
"Go ahead Johnny Elf. Make my day..."
EDIT: Took a moment to"fix" mounted Gigger's giglamps. They are all a bit Flava Flav but then Giggers always was a bit of a fop. The first pair of mounted Giggers specs were a rush job as I needed to use him, and a scratch made rocket battery for the Isandlwana game.

Need the dismounted Giggers for the Flight to Fugitive's Drift game and thought this a fine opportunity to correct the rush job on the other pair of glasses. Tin foil is pretty easy to work with and gives Giggers a measure of protection against alien/government mind control : )

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