Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Halflings. Thousands of them.

The Rocket Battery comes into action.
The Halfling amabutho have appeared on the table to the north and northeast. This appears to be the tip of the main impi judging from the numbers of warrior spotted.

The NGC and NMGC scout detachments are withdrawing on the camp.

The Rocket Battery, hastening to catch up to Dangsforc was caught out on the west side of Amatsushane. Being too slow to run they deployed and fired! The rocket left the launcher and sputtered out on the ground a few yards short of the enemy. Not a terribly good start. Here's hoping they will get off another shot.

Meanwhile company E up on Tahalane Spur has been reinforced by company F. The two companies did sterling work firing at the Halfling right horn passing east towards the rear of the camp. For the moment the progress of the Nodwengu corps has been arrested, the furry footed warriors gone to ground for now.
The 7 pdr section has been deployed covering the Notch in order to provide some covering fire for the withdrawal of the Naal Goblin Contingent and Naal Mounted Goblin Contingent units returning from their scout.

Col. Henry  Lugdush has retained a further company of the 1st/21st and 2 companies of the 2nd/21st in camp to meet contingencies.

Game note: Only managed one turn today as I had to construct a rocket trough and ran into some rules questions. Not rules questions exactly. Rather I've hit on a new way to handle some aspects of the game. The rules intended for use were the large scale skirmishes based on Flintloque by Alternative Armies .

Had a bit of a revelation overnight and have streamlined some processes and dropped others to a system where in each company has four subunits that each correspond to Flintloque "sections". This detail is not really important to play, simply something to keep in mind when assessing the scope of an action.

Need to review a few Flingloque concepts before continuing the action...

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