Friday, January 21, 2011

Fetterman: Hundred in the Hand Batrep pt. 1

The initial turn started with the Possible Enemy Forces (PEF's) in sectors 5 and 6 turning out to be false alarms. That was a good break. The PEF in sector 4 resolved into a single warband. None of the other PEF's were visible.

Ominous movement to the West
Knowing a good thing when he saw it Fetterman turned his skirmish line about and headed back for Lodgepole Ridge (the exit area). Grummond's detachment also headed south down the Bozeman.

The following turn the warband continued to close while one PEF to the west also resolved into a single warband across the Peno. The recently removed PEF's all arrived on the west side of the table deep in the piney woods.

Warriors fore and aft
Meanwhile Fetterman moved his line towards the summit of Massacre Hill, while Grummond continued south on the Bozeman.

First shots
The eastern warband moved up hill as well and loosed a hail of arrows that fortunately had no effect. The infantry fired a volley, dropping two warriors and sending a third running. Only the Rep 5 warrior was left.

With the first shots of the game fired, warbands continued to pour out of the woods.

Movement in the Wood
Worse yet, a combination of PEF placement die rolls and lack of visibility from the infantry position led to a buildup of PEF's to the south west corner of the table.

The Rep 5 warrior band was finally dispersed as its Rep dropped to 3 and it failed its Been Shot At test and fled.

The Bozeman was clear but for how long?

Turning the infantry line about and reaching the summit one can only imagine Fetterman's reaction on seeing the woods below him roiling with warriors out for his hair.

They charge!
And there we leave the tale for now...
End of turn four, looking west

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