Friday, January 21, 2011

Bettan Ah Bey

A simple conversion. 
 I'm just putting the finishing touches on Bettan Ah Bey, the Halfling Mamluk ruler.  He holds the jewel encrusted staff of office crowned with the skull cap of Bobtal Naiq, whom he defeated in order to assume power. He rides a white saluki hound as befits one of his stature. 
 Bettan Ah Bey will both lead the Mamluks against the Ferach Elves of Mordred, servant of Nap-O-Leon, and also against the Ottermen and Albion Orcs that replace the Ferach.
Sadly Alternative Armies only has one pose of mounted Halfling currently and I needed to make this one stand out a bit; a leader of Halflings and Otters.

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