Thursday, June 23, 2016


The raising of the Clans

Received these very colourful, painted and based figures from Alternative Armies in Scotland!

As usual you may left click on any photo to see a larger version of it.

Bonnie Prince Charlie

They are from a range designed for the Culloden Museum, however they are not currently in production.  However if you ask nicely...

My requirement was for about one hundred figures to take part in both historical and black powder fantasy games...well and just plain fantasy if you add in "The Tragedy of MacDeath".

There are four clans each of 24 fighters and two women with babes in arms to cheer on the menfolk.

 Each clan has a leader,

a standard,

two pipers,

a drummer,

and a mix of figures with,


Lochaber Axes,

and the odd musket.

A fine and fierce looking bunch they are too!

In addition there is a figure of Bonnie Prince Charlie himself, a standard bearer and this lovely sword dance vignette.

For the black powder fantasy side of things there is an alternate leader...

 Wee Woolie Prince Charlie, the King Under the Glacier.

Wee Woolie Prince Charlie was quite incidentally thawed out of his icy exile when Mordred, Emperor of the Ferach Elves used his power to enforce the Ban of Wylde Magick from Valon.

Since that day the wild humans of Joccian along with some of the wilder ratmen of the realm have rallied behind Prince Charile, styling  him "Mammuthus Primigenius",  Rightful Kyng of Joccia, Guenelea, Taffsea, and Albion.

Naturally the reining Kyng of the United Kyngdoms, Gorge the III of the House of Hunvaria is having none of this, and has mobilized his orcs, hobgoblins, and loyal ratmen to put down the rising.

Oh the mammoth is actually a war mammoth from Alternative Armies' sister brand, .

Another absolutely sterling job by the Alternative Armies painting staff and my thanks to Jim Syme for offering to have these cast up for me.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Troopship from China!

Looking further afield for heroes to lead my Three Kingdoms armies, these fine fellows have just arrived from Guandong province.

Lu Bu on his horse Red Hare. Lu Bu was said to be the finest warrior and Red Hare the finest horse under heaven...However Lu Bu was treacherous and murdered more than one adoptive father!

Cao Cao was low born but rose to great power during the dissolution of the Han Empire. Cao Cao was a man of great ambition. It was he who supposedly said " I would rather betray the world than let the world betray me".

Guan Yu, one of Liu Bei's sworn battle brothers and Five Tiger Generals. Guan Yu carries his Green Dragon Crescent Blade which he wielded with great strength and agility.

Last but by  no means least, comes Zhang Fei. Zhang Fei was Liu Bei's other sworn battle brother and another of the Five Tiger Generals.  Armed with Serpent Halberd and as quick to laugh as to fall into a battle frenzy Zhang Fei is a sort of Brian Blessed of the East.

Very happy with these figures. Near as I can tell they were produced by Flying General Workshop.

And finally, if you have made it this far...

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Troopship from England!

"The world under heaven, after a long period of division. tends to unite; after a long period of union tends to divide. This has been so since antiquity."

-Luo Guanzhong, Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Although not a common topic in western wargaming, I have been increasingly drawn into Chinese history. English language references with of any great detail are sparse though, so I opted to trust DBA!

Liu Bei and leads his cavalry.
Enter Ian Kay of Irregular Miniatures!

Ian very kindly provided me with two painted DBA armies and some extras. Those of you in the know already know that Irregular have a tremendous range of figures ranging form 54mm down to 2mm. It is really quite astonishing.

Shu knights led by Zhao Yun, one of Liu Bei's "Five Tiger Generals".
The figures are "true 25's" and are a bit smallish next to more modern 28mm figures. It's mostly noticeable when it comes to horses, but some may find this off-putting. Not a problem for me as they currently make up both sides and I don't mind the difference compared to the 80's era Citadel and Alternative Armies figures they will be mixing with in their adventures.

Shu Spearmen

As an added plus the infantry fit just find on Warhammer Human Standard 20mm square bases!!!

What Dark Age Chinese army would be complete without serried rows of dour crossbowmen?
The order was processed quickly, painted to a fine standard, and...Ian being unsatisfied with one of the castings he planned to use as too early for the period, up and sculpted a new figure to suit.

Shu Auxiliaries and Swordsmen

I  have based these figures individually. This allows for their use in element based games with the movement trays shown, or as is more likely in individual figure games.

Shu Light Horse
I intend to use them with Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures as I continue to update that title.

Shu Engine and Psiloi
I've only shown the Shu army here. The Wei army is pretty much identical both in look and composition. This was a deliberate choice on my part. As in the War of the Roses, during the Three Kingdoms period warlords and their retinue changed sides with sometimes confusing frequency. This is a boon for me as the entire force can be fielded as a single army as needed.

On a final note although I  have based these fellows I have yet to flock them. Too busy with the long delayed Winged Man conversions to get to flocking them now: Balrog, re-purposed for 25mm gaming.
More on that anon.

As for Irregular Armies I give Ian a big thumbs up, and a warm thank you!
All in all I am very satisfied with Ian's services and look forward to purchasing more in the future.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Reviewing the Troops

Recently I've embarked on a project to make sure that all of my Great Britorcn battalions have two standards, both the Kyng's Colour and a Regimental Colour. For the Orcs this was no problem as in fact each battalion already had both. No the trouble lay not in Albion but in Joccia and Taffsea. These battalions are sold with one standard, er... standard. Although come to think on it now, the Guards, needed  second standard as well.

Many of the orc battalions carry standards designed by the good folk at Alternative Armies. For my regiments, the standards are often designed by manipulating an image of one of the "official" standards.

Here now are some photos:

The colour parties of 14 regiments of Greate Britorcn line battalions , ranged by seniority from the 1st Foote Guards on the viewer's left to the as yet unnumbered Toad Hall Fencibles on the left.
>Nine orc, three rat, one hobgoblin, and one weasel battalion all ready to take on the Elven menace. Depending on theatre and time these are brigaded with Al-Garvey goblins, Brewswicke Dwarves, Hunvarian dogs, apes and rabbits of the United Provinzes of Fruit and Veg, units of the Kyng's Giant Legion, or goblin, halfling, and otter sepoys of the HEIC.
Not pictured are the light infantry battalions, horse, and guns.

The HobGobs of Harleck, renowned for their fighting both in Aegypt and Haflingland. The origins of their motto, "Faaaasends of 'Em" is lost to the vagaries of time.

The South Morder Regiment, one time unhappy home of Riekard Sharke. Their motto, I dare not repeat here.

The Strathcarnage and Killmore have a chequered history. During the Mammothite Rebellion they were raised by the supporters of Wee Woolly Prince Charlie. In more tranquil times they were taken into the Albion Line in recognition of their fine fighting skills. Their Mammoth Badge and motto "Aye Sae!" are said to represent their ties to "The King Under the Glacier"

>The Eyes in Gourds, motto: "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!".

The BlackWatchit: Motto: "We'll be Coming, We'll be Coming Down the Road" is apparently a reference to this "Tartan Army" being always ready for a Barmy.

The Coldscreamers' Motto "Tha Kyng's Awrite Lads!" hearkens back to their role in putting down the Mammothite Rebellion, where their loyalty to the House of Hunvaria was never in question.

The Toad Hall Fencible Legion, raised by, and at the expense of, Sir Hector Toad, has been taken into the line by a cost conscious Parlement. Their motto is that of the Toad family: "Semper Buffo!"..."Always Toad".

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