Friday, August 28, 2015

WIP Rospoleon Buffonaparte: The Korsucan Ogre and Emperor of the Elves

This is a project I've had in mind for years whose time finally arrived.

Master of Vendetta in his island home of Korsuca, Rospoleon's ambition led him to seek adventure in the Kingdom of the Elves.

Riding the winds of change, Rospoleon joined the Revolution and ended up an Emperor.

Now all of Urop fears his attentions.

For some reason in the Flintloque/Slaughterloo world of Valon, the Neopolitans are Toads, known as the Todoroni. It is said that the Korsucan's are wild elves.

However I wanted an Emperor figure that would highlight His foreign origin rather than a standard Elf figure.

As the historical Bounaparte was raised speaking Italian I set my sites on the toads.

The search for an imperious looking officer was none too difficult.

The Emperor and his brother Jeremiah, King of Nepolise
The lucky chap being the officer of 56505 Todoroni Militia.

But what of a body? 

I knew from the start that he must be an Ogre. After all, those Albion mother's couldn't frighten their children with tales of "the Korsucan Toad" now could they?

And so I reached out to Alternative Armie's own Gavin Syme for help.

Gavin in turn pointed me towards this fine fellow:

56109 KGL General on Rhino

By God! That will do!

I was given a choice of mount, horse, hippo, or rhino. I decided that Buffonaparte would ride the rhino as a mark of his larger than Toad stature and power.

The plan was to do a simple head swap...however seeing them both together in the bare metal, I saw another possibility.

I was able to cut them diagonally at the shoulder. Head and right shoulder went all vice versa and here they are!

Just a matter of painting and inking with as much ostentatious gold as possible and...

Et Voila

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  1. Unusual and superb, I love that! Et voilà....

  2. Superb conversion/conversions.


    1. Thank you Tony. I'm not very skilled at this sort of thing but it went surprisingly well.

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  3. Magnifique conversion . Gloire à l'Empereur !


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    1. Hello Monty: Weird but good is my remit Old Boy :)

      Glad you like it.

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