Saturday, May 24, 2014

Thormopparokay: The Attackers

Following on from Thormopparokay: The Defenders,  its time to unveil the attackers.

The rules of the scenario, Pass Clearance, from Charles Grants' Programmed War Games Scenarios, calls for my having drawn up my defensive plans before knowing what forces I will face.

A defence in depth. The first line is composed of the guns and Royul Navye detachment. They will hold the line of the two woods either side of the valley, until the enemy closes at which point they will withdraw to the main line of resistance.

The second, or main, line consists of one unit of Trolka line flanked by the two units of Trolka light infantry.

The reserve consists of the Guards in the ruined tower and the Mooseketeers.  The Guard are to serve as a final rally point for the defense should the main line be pierced.

The Mooseketteers are meant to cover the retreat of the guns if they are pressed, or to counter any mounted assault by the enemy. No idea at the time just how much cavalry the enemy would field so best to be careful.

That out of the way here is what I will be facing:

Ferach General de Division Xerxes is bringing a multinational force to the pass.

General Xerxes has a very limited staff in the form of a single werewolf ADC.

The division consists of three brigades. The Coltzen Legion, The Finkelstein Field Force, and the Guinalean contingent.

The Coltzen Legion consists of a unit of Centaur lancers, two battalions of werewolf foot, and a werewolf battery led by Josef Ponyatowski.

The Finklestein Field Force consists of three battalions of dwarf line infantry supported by a battery, led by Heinrich Schulman.

The Guinalean Contingent consists of the 1/1 Guinalean Legion Line, and Reille's Irregular Corps of Light Infantry, led by Wolfe Toon.

The division's battery of Ferach Elf Artillery has been attached to the Guinalean Legion for support.

All told that's one unit of cavalry, one of light infantry,  six battalions of line and three batteries of artillery. The force includes Elves, Centaurs, Werewolves, Dwarves, Bog Orcs, and a lone Wee-folk, the Serjeant of the Irregulars.

Most of the figures were painted by the in house staff at Alternative Armies. The Guinalean contingent was mostly painted by the author.  Wolfe Toon is a converted figure.